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Ruby M. Cusack

The Annual Titus Hill Memorial Service will be held on the second Sunday in July - July 8, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. in the cemetery at Titusville.  If weather is unfavourable the service will be held in the Central Kings Rec Center, 110 Titusville Rd. between Titusville and Upham.

Update - It was a beautiful day for an outdoor memorial service - sun shone - bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a light breeze kept the flies away.

I  have been involved with Titus Hill Cemetery for more than fifty years.  It was a wonderful feeling to look over the large gathering and see so many sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who volunteered so many hours of their time over the years and made monetary contributions, to make this such a place of beauty.

Even more heart warming was to see the group of men and women who organize this yearly service and do so much work behind the scene -such as working at a clean up day or evening - always willing to give a helping hand to beautify Titus Hill, as well as those who give up a Sunday afternoon to participate in the service with music and message and the generosity of many to contribute when the plate is passed.

Titus Hill is a community cemetery with no specific church affiliation where neighbour rests by neighbour.

As one walks through this cemetery, and reads the tombstone inscriptions that tell a heart breaking story of loss whether it be a stillborn baby, a child, a spouse, a parent or other relative or a friend, the thought comes that these people for over a hundred years and more had the same feelings as we do - they too loved and were loved - suffered the pain of death but held the hope of meeting again beyond the sunset.

Over the years many, probably several hundred, have stood here in Titus Hill Cemetery at the grave of a loved one. They too have wept tears but at the same time they held within their heart, happy memories that live forever and are a legacy of love.

By the way, Titus Hill is a charitable organization.  If you wish to make a donation toward the continued upkeep of this cemetery, contact me and I'll forward your  message to the Treasurer - I am not involved in accepting monetary donations - my interest lies in the history of the cemetery and those who are buried there.

If you have any pictures and obituaries of those who are buried in Titus Hill, I would like to have copies for my files.

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   The Floyd Gates were designed,  built, installed and donated by the Floyd Brothers - Ken and Cliff and their spouses.

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