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Genealogy Fair

September 30th, 2017 at Market Square Atrium in Saint John

Here it was Fall, yet today the very warm weather made it feel like July. The teacher had the windows up but the room was very hot and humid.

When we arrived home, and stepped inside, it was really warm as Mum had a fire going in the kitchen stove. There was the aroma of  bread cooking in the oven. We spotted several pies ready to be baked.

Mum’s face was very red as she sat on a chair, next to the open window, peeling potatoes.

Her first words to us were, “I am glad you are home as I need your help.” Before she could finish, we heard Pal barking. When we rushed to look out the window, we saw a dapple gray team hauling a threshing machine coming into the yard, followed by Gramp’s team hauling a large gas engine and then came Dad’s team, pulling an empty hay wagon.

Mum continued, “The threshers were not to come until next week but the men think we are going to get the tail end of the hurricane that is doing so much damage in the States so they will try to get the oats looked after before the rain and wind hit.” “This means, I need to have enough food cooked for tomorrow to feed at least six men or maybe more, as several of the neigbours have been helping one another. I don’t know who will show up.” “It may end up as a good old frolic as friends come to help with the work load.”

Members of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society and others have been working together to prepare a Genealogy Fair on September 30th, 2017 from 10:00 AM  to 4:00 PM at Market Square Atrium in Saint John. 

The Genealogy Fair is an “Open House” for anybody interested in doing family research. It provides an opportunity to view what other researchers are working on.

Most Genealogists enjoy talking about the information they have dug up which could be from not only the Saint John area but all corners of New Brunswick, as well as the rest of Canada, the US or across the ocean.

Don't forget to drop by the "The Beginner's Corner". Included are nine colourful display boards created for the McLeod Reunion held in Penobsquis in 2016. These boards expand on nine family legends with research, art and a little fun - Certificates, deeds, maps, aerial photos, land petitions, grant plans, news clips and a few tall tales.

Those doing family research will often bring along the reference information they found helpful - such as Cemetery Transcriptions, Scrapbooks, Family Group Sheets, Charts, Church Records. Sometimes the information is hand written and not available in libraries or other institutions.

Others will have their laptops and can quickly skip to different sources. John Elliott will be in attendance with his computer that has an extensive personal genealogical database of New Brunswick families - particularly Kings and Queens Counties - as well as cemetery transcriptions for nine of the fifteen parishes of Kings County and his very informative personal abstracts of the first fifty years of Kings County Land Registry deeds.  He will also be bringing along research books as well, with many of them Loyalist related.
The NB Archives Roadshow will be able to answer many of your questions about how to find out about an ancestor, what the archives do and what type of records are held there. They are located in Fredericton and are open to the public. They will also provide information about other archives people might want to access - archives in New Brunswick or neighbouring provinces, Library and Archives Canada, how archives in other countries operate, and where online people can search. They will also inform people about new avenues of research or the availability of sources, they might not be aware of. Among such news for this session would be the 1921 census, Google newspapers, and Brunswick News publishing online newspapers.

Technology permitting, there will be a computer on site that can be used to search content on the Archives website or just provide visitors with an introduction of how to use the website ( so they are more comfortable to access it on their own.

As part of this event, there will also be a sort of "antiques roadshow" component, where people can bring in archival items, textual documents or documents in other formats and can get answers about the age, importance, preservation, and uniqueness of the items they have.

Here is your opportunity to bring along an old family photo and gain some information from Fred Farrell, a photo archivist from the Provincial Archives, who will be present to try to date your old photo and also explain what can be learned about your family member.

Find out what the New Brunswick Genealogical Society does and how it can help with your genealogical research. Lots of information can be accessed on their website

The Saint John Branch of the NBGS and individual exhibitors will have an assortment of Genealogical and Historical books for sale.

Time is getting short but there may possibly still be a free table that can be reserved for you to display your Genealogical Research Material. Contact David Fraser by E-mail

On Saturday, September 30th, 2017 all roads will lead to the Market Square Atrium in Saint John for the folk researching their family tree, whether they are just starting out or an experienced researcher. Admission is free.

By the way,
the Genealogy Fair will be set up in the hallway between the Atrium and the Trade and Convention centre.
There will be signs to help guide you.
Come and enjoy a day discovering the past.

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