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Anglican Church Registers Being Transcribed

St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Newcastle.
Built in 1850,
earliest register starts in1879, photo taken sometime after the 1860s.

                                    Provincial Archives of New Brunswick  P6-46

February was slipping by with March fast approaching. With the new month would come longer days and more strength in the sun. But most important, it was the time for neighbours to help one another to prepare for next year’s winter with the assistance of the woodcutter saw, the one-cylinder gas engine that powered it and the helping hand of those who lived by the old saying, “One good turn deserves another.”
Much water has flowed under the bridge since I watched Mum, with the help of relatives and other housewives, gather to cook huge meals to feed the hungry woodcutters.

Things have changed, today I am tuned in to the frolics of those interested in genealogy.
In May 2018 a small group from the New Brunswick Genealogical Society officials met with Fred Farrell and Joanna Aiton Kerr of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick to talk about the possibility of joint projects between NBGS and PANB.  One of the projects that resulted from this meeting is the Anglican Registers Transcription Project.

There are almost 800 of these registers in the Archives which means that there are thousands of pages and tens of thousands of entries.

The staff at PANB have already scanned about 500 of the registers and their scanning efforts are continuing.

A call for volunteers to all members of NBGS brought forth willing neighbours to help, when over 40 people signed up, including a technical team of four.

It’s difficult to estimate how long the project will take but it is hoped that all registers will be transcribed and proof read before the end of 2019.

When the task is completed and goes on line, there will be a search facility to allow users to quickly locate the information they’re seeking.
Helping our neighbour certainly plays a major role in genealogy. Hopefully those seeking help with their brick wall queries will get some answers.

If you have information to share, it would be appreciated by those who have posted queries this month.

Doyle - Flynn:  William Doyle married Bridget Flynn in Northumberland on 5 Jun 1843. I am interested in the names of his parents and siblings. The 1851 census in Nelson says William was 35 years old, born in NB, and living next to the Flynns.

Lovatt: George T Lovatt, son of Ann Ellis and Richard Lovatt, is buried at Tynemouth Creek Cemetery. Is it also known as Brown's Cemetery, Bains Corner where George's brother, Robert Ellis Lovatt, is buried?  The daughter of Robert Lovatt is buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton

Curry: The Death Certificate of Edith Curry’s father - Hamilton Curry Jr., refers his mother was probably from "Barnesville", NB. A copy of a wedding recording references Hamilton Curry of Portland of St. John and Margaret Robinson/Robson from 1836; which I am assuming is Hamilton Curry Sr. Could this be the same person who's father is George Robson Sr. who had 500 acres granted by King George IV, for service in the Royal Artillery. Any information on my Curry - Robinson - Robson -family would be greatly appreciated. E-mail:

Was there any "Photography Studio" located in Norton, New Brunswick, in late 1800's to early 1900'a, or did one have to travel to Saint John, New Brunswick, to have photos taken? Several family photo's, in my possession, appear to have same indoor setting.

Chaloner: My wife is a Chaloner with roots in Wales. I have established a link myself with the Chaloners who came to New Brunswick area from New England, starting I think with Walter Chaloner as a Loyalist. Does anyone have information on the Chaloners who settled in the Saint John and Kings County areas. E-mail

Collier: “A History of Riverview, Bridgedale, Gunningsville, Riverview Heights Bicentennial Project 1984.” mentions John Collier, husband of Elizabeth Wade Collier. Seeking information on this couple. Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.

McGuire - Keenan: I have found a map on the website showing the St Marysville/Pleasant Point area of Saint John which I believe was drawn in 1875. On this map is listed a W. McGuire. How might I find out whether this is a residence or a commercial building and any details of the inhabitants. My Grandfather was Anthony McGuire, born in Pleasant Point in 1875, and his father was William McGuire (wife Ellen Keenan). So I’m wondering if this William McGuire is my Great Grandfather. E-mail

Shaw Bakery: My great great grandfather was James Shaw of J & W Shaw Bakery, Saint John, NB. I have the basic history of the bakery's beginnings in 1868 but I have been unable to find any photos of the business at any time during its approximately 90 years. I am seeking sources of photos and stories of the bakery.  E-mail

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