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It was a long cold winter with little visiting from relatives. This Saturday showed a break in the weather with warm sunshine, dripping eaves and melting snow.

Aunt Sadie was sure there would be company for supper so she prepared a large potato scallop, a corn scallop and a big crock of beans along with tea biscuits.

Grampís brother came calling and they did lots of reminiscing.

Ages of relatives and friends were discussed. Gramp grumbled that there was something wrong with the Math as he was much too young to be turning sixty-five next month. With a chuckle his brother remarked maybe the earth is rotating faster.

Time certainly flies and startling changes get made.

Way back in the 1960s, Harold and I would often skip supper and rush uptown to the Library to ask for an old newspaper to look at. Great finds jumped out at us. We came home with hands covered with black ink. But most important, we had notes copied carefully on many local events and obituaries of those who had gone before us.

It wasnít many years until we could read the newspapers on microfilm and even print out copies at the Library.

Today, things have really changed. We can now sit at home and search on the computer the archives of the Brunswick News group of newspapers. All we need is a subscription to access them. Details can be found at

For example, there are 15,000 issues of the Daily Telegraph online starting on January 2, 1874 up to July 14, 1923 waiting to be searched. I found in the October 5, 1876 issue that Dr. P. D. Trask, M.D. - Natural Physician could be consulted at rooms in the Continental Hotel on the North side of King Square in St. John which includes lots of details of the gentleman.

On the same page there is an advertisement for Mme. Carittesís Board and Day School for young ladies on the Corner of Carmarthen and Orange Streets in St. John. Private lessons also given in Latin, French, German, Pianoforte and Vocal Music, Drawing and Water Colors, Painting, etc.

Unpaid Taxes were a problem to some folk in 1915 as the Saint John Standard of Oct, 7 listed the properties that were being sold at Chubbís Corner. One being 50 acres on Second Lake, Parish of Simonds belonging to the estate of Bernard Haggerty and R. T. Carr for non payment of $7.79

Some of the other New Brunswick newspapers filled with surprises are:
38,206 issues of the Daily Gleaner beginning Nov. 25, 1889 to the present.
11,204 issues of Times & Transcript from Jan. 3, 1983.
14,369 issues of Daily Times from Aug 13,1877 to June 30, 1932.
29,400 issues of Telegraph Journal from Jul. 16, 1923 to the present.

In the Daily Telegraph of March 11, 1901, it is written of a pleasant day spent at the home of Capt. George Seely, of Lancaster Heights where his father Mr. Linnus Seely celebrated his 93rd Birthday. He told many stories that had been related to him by his father who came with the Loyalists

Mum was always concerned about anything toxic being stored on the shelves in the pantry. In 1935 the Telegraph Journal published an article that really interested me and it explained the reason for her concern. It seems her mother made pancakes for supper. She had poor eyesight and mistook a paper bag of arsenate of lead for buckwheat flour when mixing the ingredients. Both of my grandparents along with the family dog became ill. Dr. Leatherbarrow was contacted to make a house call and fortunately their lives were saved.

Being able to do a word search gives the opportunity to find a relative or person of interest in so many different places.

Much information is found in Obituaries that are filled with detail. They often lead us to discover relative connections that otherwise would be difficult to locate. The predeceased relative as well as the living ones that are mentioned, along with place of birth, motherís maiden name and even employment provide us with genealogical facts.

Quite often membership is given in fraternal organizations and graduates from different educational institutions.

I must confess, household chores go undone as I sit at the computer reading page after page of newspapers of the past. Just not enough hours in my day. Best of all, this New Brunswick information is available at any hour of the day or night by having an online subscription to the Brunswick News group of newspapers.

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