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Twin Girls with their Grandmother, Parents, and Twin Aunts.

Full Text Search in Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics
on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website 1784 to 1896

Remembering the past brings lots of memories but sometimes the years dim those memories. That was the case when I received a request for the recipe for Oatmeal Drink that the farmer depended on when working in the hot hayfield or pitching hay into the back mow.

My friend Dot, who was a farmer’s wife, and is in her late eighties, and her daughter Sharon knew this recipe off by heart.

“Place 1/3 cup of oatmeal in a 500 ml Mason Jar along with 2 tablespoons of molasses and 2 pinches of ginger. Fill up the bottle with cold water. One can add more molasses or ginger to their liking.”

Dad spent many days in winter’s cold weather cutting blocks of ice from Green’s Lake and packing them in sawdust. We were very fortunate to have this ice house with ice for the ice box in the hot days of summer. We chipped off pieces of ice to put in the oatmeal drink in the gallon bottles to make the drink very cold and refreshing. A blue enamel tin cup was kept with the drink. All who were thirsty drank from the same cup, including us kids.

As the years slip by, we older folk seem to unlock many memories of the years gone by. September brings thoughts of the one room school to many a retired teacher and how one year at Normal School transformed a pupil into a teacher.

I was interested in knowing who might have been the students from Titusville who were in Attendance at the Normal School, Fredericton. I did a Full Text Search in Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website 1784 to 1896 and found in the Fredericton Evening Capital newspaper of January 5, 1886 listed: Maggie J. Barnes, Beatrice E. Duke, A. Fowler, Edward M. Morrison, and Augusta A. Titus all of Titusville. My first thought concerned their means of transportation.   

Over the years many first year teachers who did not grow up in a country setting were often quite surprised at the condition of their boarding place that lacked indoor plumbing, and were not use to making trips to the little building with a catalogue instead of toilet tissue.

One plus was the delicious meals that were prepared by the lady of the house.

Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website 1784 to 1896, provides lots of information on the churches, ministers, industries etc. Fascinating news items can be found by doing a  Full-Text Search, such as by using "new" and "denmark" and "church". For example, The Daily Telegraph, Saint John, February 1, 1889: His honor the Lieutenant Governor has granted licences to Rev. Neils M. Hansen, pastor of Episcopal Church at New Denmark (Victoria Co.) and to Neils Christian Hansen, pastor of Episcopal Church at Canning (Queens Co.) to solemnize marriage.

The Gleaner, Fredericton, February 10 1896: Rev. Charles E. Maimaim and family, Nebraska, are in the city en route to New Denmark (Victoria Co.), he having been appointed to the pastorate church there.

I was quite surprised when I did a search for “twins” and found many born in Nova Scotia but most puzzling was in the July 4, 1893 issue of the Saint John Daily Telegraph: Born - Santa Paula, California, June 22nd, wife of Rev. R. Logan, twins, sons. Maybe some of our genealogy friends will know the connection and share some information.

October 10, 1876, Saint John, The Daily Telegraph: Birth - Carleton (St. John) Saturday morn., 7th inst., the wife of Levi A. Theall, of twins.

August 31, 1886, Saint John, The Daily Telegraph. Birth - Old Barns, N.S., 22nd inst., wife of Alexander Chisholm of twins, boy and girl.

November 14, 1885, Saint John, The Daily Telegraph - Birth - West River, P.E.I., 6th inst., wife of Donald McMillan, of twins

November 10, 1882, Saint John, Daily News - Birth - Apohaqui (Kings Co.) 8th inst., wife of John E. Slipp, of twins.

January 6, 1872, Saint John, The Daily Telegraph. A correspondent at Lower Prospect writing on New Year's Day says: 'I have just resturned from a visit to Mrs. Countaway of Turn's Bay, who presented her husband on Friday last with a New Year's gift of four babies, three girls and a boy. Mrs. C. tells me that she was ten years married and gave birth to 13 children. The first three single, the next three, twins each time, and now four. Beat that if you can.' - Halifax Chronicle.

May 14 1895, Saint John, The Daily Telegraph: Birth - Yamachiche, Quebec, May 4th, to the wife of Edouard Bellmare, triplets, two daughters and a son. The mother is 31 years of age and presented her husband with twins twice.

September 1, 1892, County Westmorland, Sackville, Chignecto Post. On Sunday morn. last, Mrs. Edward McManaman, of Saltsprings gave birth to two boys and one girl. This is the third time in succession, Mrs. McManaman has had plural births and on two previous occasions bearing twins.

February 16, 1893, County Kent, Richibucto, Review: Mrs. Fidele Arsineau of Kingston (Kent Co.) has recently given birth to twins, making 26 children of whom Mr. Arsineau is the happy father. He was married twice.

January 15, 1877, Saint John, Daily News: Mr. Merritt of St. Catharines, Ontario, who formerly lived in (St. John) city writes to his relatives here that his wife has just presented him with a second pair of twins, making five children in the fruit of three years of wedded life.

When doing genealogical research, one is often surprised at the source that is stumbled upon that leads one down a path of discovery.

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