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by Cleadie B. Barnett and Elizabeth S. Sewell

An out-of-print, very scarce, hard to find, publication prepared as a Bi-centennial (1983) project for the Fredericton (New Brunswick) Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, by Cleadie B. Barnett and Elizabeth Sewell. The information was provided by 97 Members of the Association, 11 Ex-members and 16 Non-members with details on 91 Loyalists, their spouses and children. ** James Ackerman, John Adams, John Arnold, James Beyea, John Brown, David Burlock, Benjamin Bunnell, Benjamin Burt, Jacob Carvel, Alexander Clark, Richard Samuel Clarke, Peter Clements, Gideon Corey, Aaron Delong, Everett Dewitt, Tertullus Dickinson, Justus Earle, Thomas Everitt, Lewis Fisher, Thomas Ganong, Isaac Gerow, James Gerow, Jesse Gillies, Jonathon Gorham, Nathaniel Gorham, Jacob Grass, Conrad Gunter, Andrew Gunter, Robert Hallett, James Harrison, George A. Hartley, Isaac Hawkshurst, Solomon Hill, Jacob Holder, John Howard, William Hubbard, Nicholas Humphreys, John Jackson, Nathaniel Johnson, Philip Long, John Marsh, Alexander Montgomery, Alexander (Jr.) Montgomery, Archibald McLean, Benjamin McDonald, Benejah Northrup, Thomas Olmstead, William Orser, Nathaniel Parks, Peter (Sr.) Parlee, Isaac Parlee, Thomas Peters, John Pond, Andrew Rainsford, Col. Beverley Robinson, John Robinson, Richard Rogers, Jacob Segee, John Segee, Christopher Sheck,  Ebenezer Slocum, Bowen Smith, James Smith, Elias Snider, Martin Snider, Francis Staples, Shubael Stevens, William Straight, Amos Straight, James Sutherland, John Titus, Jonathon Titus, Jeremiah Travis, Holden Turner, James Turner, Nathaniel Underhill, British NathanielUnderhill, William Underhill, Dowe Van Dine, Arthur Vandine, Jacob Vanwart, Garret  Vanwart, Isaac Van Wart, William Vanwart, David Waterbury, Silvanus Waterbury, Titus Way, Hon. Thomas Wetmore, Lemuel Wilmot and Anthony Woodland. * * Partial type of information given: John Titus was born in New Jersey in 1732 and settled in Waterborough, Queens County, New Brunswick when he came with the Loyalists. He was baptised there on April 1, 1895 as an adult. His wife was Elizabeth Beadle, born 1735 in New York and died in Queens County, New Brunswick in 1813. (He may have had a second wife, Elizabeth Dorland / Derlin and the dates above may be hers.) * * The names of 6 children are given - Jonathan Titus being the eldest - born 1776, baptized as an Adult on April 18, 1797, died in 1856 and was buried at Jemseg. He was twice married. First on 19 February 1799 to Deborah Springer and second in 1839 to Joanna Springer, widow of Jacob Dykeman.

TITLE: Loyalist Families by Cleadie B. Barnett and Elizabeth S. Sewell. First edition was in 1983. 70 pages  8 by 11 including a surname index.

Out of print and very difficult to find a copy.

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