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Of the Country - The Story of a McKinley Family is a story about Barney and Gertie McKinley and their life in Hastings as told by their youngest daughter, Winnie McKinley Smith, and their eldest granddaughter, Ann McKinley Breault. It is about their people, the families of Hugh and Catherine McKinley, Edward and Eleanor Sweeney, Moses and Mary Smith, Barnard and Mary Collins, John and Margaret Rossiter and Barney and Mary Doherty.These families of Irish origin chose to come to New Brunswick in the hope of gaining ownership of land and providing a better life for their children. They met obstacles and endured hardships and they left everlasting memories for the next generations. Very good condition, More information at
Book 8823 C  $39.95 CAD with $12.00 CAD shipping and handling.

SILENT ETHNICITY - The Dutch in New Brunswick by Will. C. van den Hoonaard published in 1991. 8822 C
Life on the Miramichi by Clayton Stanley Stewart -  Soft cover - 301 pages - The autobiography of a logger, outdoorsman, outfitter, hunting and salmon fishing guide on the Miramichi River in central New Brunswick, a pioneer of the area - a collection of old guide stories, some of his poetry, photographs, his involvement with the Miramichi Salmon Association, even his logging camp recipes - great tall tales too. A very hard to find book.
Book 8824 C   $ 36.95 CAD plus $12.00 shipping within North America. Good Condition almost as new - with minor wear to cover. Former library book. First printed in 1986 -

A History of the Town of Riverview: Amalgamating Bridgedale, Gunningsville, Riverview Heights.  Book 8825 C  $49.95 CAD with $12.00 shipping and handling. for more information

8813T    FOOTPRINTS Gordon Thomas Whitney 2004  limited edition book. Very Scarce book. $49.95 Canadian Currency plus $10.00 shipping.
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8020 T  BODIES IN THE BACK YARD - Canada's Frenzy Slayer - NOEL MICHAEL WINTERS by Brian O'Neil Book in New Condition  $95.00 Canadian Currency with $12.00 shipping within North America
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TITLE: “Loyalist Families” by Cleadie B. Barnett and Elizabeth S. Sewell. First edition was in 1983. 70 pages  8 ˝ by 11 including a surname index. Out of print and very difficult to find a copy.
Book 8749T
$34.95 with $8.00 shipping and handling within North America.
Cover stained. Used book - inquire for more details or visit

“Together in Exile” traces  a group of Irish emigrants from County Louth who settled in Lower Cove (South End of) Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in the 19th century.

 A product of eleven years of research in Canada, the United States and Ireland by Peter Murphy.  It is a highly praised genealogical work.

Now out-of-print and hard to find and much sought after.

 Each family is documented with notes. Families profiled: Boyle, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Cassely, Colins, Creegan, Doyle, Elmore, Feran, Finigan, Flanagan, Hanlon, Hanratty, Hoey, Johnston, Kelly, Killen, Kirk, Lowe, Magee, Markey, May, McCrink,  McGuiggan, McGuire, Mills, Murphy, Oakes, Quinn, O'Reilly, Rice, Rourke, Sharkey,  Small, Thompson, Tole, Trainor and Woods.

Book 8814 T   Together In Exile by Peter D. Murphy  $ 135.00 Canadian Curency plus $12.00 shipping and handling within North America- soft cover - almost as new condition
Very very scarce and hard to find book.   Much Sought After!

Book 8021T  Back Creek and South Branch Settlements by Harlan Nason
Out of print and very difficult to find.
244 pages. Soft cover. Used Book - published 2000

Book 8021 T  $89.95 CAD plus $12.00 shipping within North America
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