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Together In Exile by Peter D. Murphy

“Together in Exile”
traces  a group of Irish emigrants from County Louth who settled in Lower Cove (South End of) Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in the 19th century.

 A product of eleven years of research in Canada, the United States and Ireland by Peter Murphy.  It is a highly praised genealogical work.

Now out-of-print and hard to find and much sought after.

 Each family is documented with notes. Families profiled: Boyle, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Cassely, Colins, Creegan, Doyle, Elmore, Feran, Finigan, Flanagan, Hanlon, Hanratty, Hoey, Johnston, Kelly, Killen, Kirk, Lowe, Magee, Markey, May, McCrink,  McGuiggan, McGuire, Mills, Murphy, Oakes, Quinn, O'Reilly, Rice, Rourke, Sharkey,  Small, Thompson, Tole, Trainor and Woods.

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Very very scarce and hard to find book.   Much Sought After!

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 * * * * PHOTOS:
Parish Church of Cooley, St. James, Grange, built in 1762

Duke St., Saint John from Germain St., looking toward the Fish Market c 1870

Front of store of Peter Sharkey

Matthew McGuiggan’s Pledge  (Total Abstinence from alcohol)

 Mary McGivern McCarthy and daughter Nellie c 1913

Interior of St. John The Baptist Church in Lower Cove (Saint John) c 1920

W. James and Lucy (Devine) Boyle c 1910 

Mary (Cassely) Cronk 1836-1912 

Ann(Cassely) Fuller 1839-1913

P. Fred Fuller and wife Annie, the daughter of Peter Murphy of Cooley

Hester (Brodigan) Collins

Henry Stephen Collins c 1841-1887, a native of County Louth

 Mary (Stockton) Clain holding one of Jennie and John Cregan’s children 

Mary Elmore

Tombstone of John Hanlon who died 1850

Margaret (Elizabeth) (Devine) 1884-1956 granddaughter of James and Catherine (Creegan) Murphy of Ballynamoney Bradshaw and wife of John J. Hanlon

A page from “Black Ann” (Kelly) McGuiggan’s Bible 

Bridget (Mills) Killen 1822-1901

Thomas “Bookie” Killen

Maggie (Kent) Fitzgerald 1880-1952

Emma (Kirk) Quinlan 1876 - 1952

John Lowe 1869 -1945

Thomas Lowe 1880-1956 & Ann (Kane) Lowe with two unidentified women

Edmund Lowe, Arthur and Mary (Hickey) Lowe and Margaret Hickey 1943

William J. Magee 1877-1942 

James Magee 1840-1896

The Bernard McDermott House

James P Greig 1887-1955 and Bernard McDermott c 1840-1911

Mary Josephine (McGuiggan) McCafferty 1884-1939

Annie McGuiggan 1884-1975

Hitty McGuiggan’s Girls: Mary and Sadie sitting on doorstep

Leo McGuiggan 1888-1965

James A Mills

John E “Buckie” Mills 1874-1949

 J Edmund “Eddie” Mills 1915-1977

Edna Mills (baby picture)

 April and Sharon Mills 1953

Mary (Mills) McGill 1834-1912 - a native of Whitestown

Bridget “Lizzie” (Murphy) Daly 1846-1918 a native of Ballynamoney Bradshaw with her husband, James Daly

Arthur “Barney” Devine 1895-1963 & Joseph F McDermott 1887-1972

 Frank Quinn, Kate (Devine) Quinn, Lizzie (Devine) Hanlon Evans and Harold Evans 

Didi Quinn’s Children: Kay, Fran, Joan, Liz, Ned and Barry Legere

Bill and Harry Murphy, Sydney Street c 1924

Mamie (Murphy) Evans Wrath 1865-1870 with son Fred Evans 

George A. McDermott 1877-1936

M. Jane “Jen” (McDermott) Miller 1879-1957

The McDermott Boys: Gregory, Edmund, George, Gordon, Joe and Donald

Eleanor, Lillian Muriel and Mona McDermott * William H Quinn 1844-1935

Thomas H Riley 1879-1960

Josephine, Teresa, John, Catherine, Joan, Jim, Margaret and Tom Riley

Katherine F. (Small) Bartley Shortis 1845-1931

Will Shortis 1878-1951 with grandchildren Alice & Douglas Earle

 Patrick Tole c1819-1882, a native of Boherbui, Muchgrange

Ann Tole 1842-1933

Joseph A. Tole 1857-1940 and Ida Foster

Bridget “Babe” (Tole) Doherty 1858-1946

* * * Appendix “A” - A List of vessels out of Port of Newry, County Down carrying passengers to the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick (1819-1848) based on the shipping column of the New Brunswick Courier.

* * Appendix “B” - A list of (208) crew and passengers of the Brig Cupid 1834

*Published in 1990. Hard Cover - Green pictorial cover showing Celtic cross and seascape on the front.    283 (6 x 9) pages plus a 40 page full name Index.

Very very scarce and hard to find book.   Much Sought After!


More information on the book at 

From Ireland to Saint John

Together in Exile traces County Louth, Ireland emigrants
to Lower Cove, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Where in Saint John is Lower Cove? Who were the "Coolies?" Why did such a large group of Carlingford natives settle together in the Port City? And who were they?

Curious? Then flip open "Together in Exile," by Saint John writer Peter Murphy. You'll find the answers to these questions, plus page after page of genealogical information tracing the County Louth emigrants and their descendants to Lower Cove, Saint John. The County Louth settlement had its beginnings in the early 1820s.

"Together In Exile" is a comprehensive text, and it's no wonder. Mr. Murphy spent 11 years researching here in Canada, as well as in Ireland and the U.S. before compiling the book in 1990.

Between the covers of "Together in Exile" you will find detailed information on the following families: Boyle, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Cassely, Colins, Creegan, Doyle, Elmore, Feran, Finigan, Flanagan, Hanlon, Hanratty, Hoey, Johnston, Kelly, Killen, Kirk, Lowe, Magee, Markey, May, McCrink, McGuiggan, McGuire, Mills, Murphy, Oakes, Quinn, O'Reilly, Rice, Rourke, Sharkey, Small, Thompson, Tole, Trainor and Woods. Mr. Murphy has also included several photos.

In his genealogy of families, Mr. Murphy includes information from baptismal records and marriage records. You will also find out where these people lived, how they made a living and, finally, how they died. Every fact is documented with a reference.

Mr. Murphy has researched many families of Saint John. He has more information stored in the memory bank of his brain than most of us will enter into our computers. Lucky for us, Mr. Murphy has the trait of a true genealogist - he is continuously sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.


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