From Ireland to Saint John

Together in Exile traces County Louth, Ireland emigrants
to Lower Cove, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Mary McGivern McCarthy, shown with her daughter, Nellie, couldn't stand to live among the "Coolies" ; people who came from Carlingford (or Cooley) Peninsula of County Louth, Ireland, and settled in Lower Cove, Saint John.

Where in Saint John is Lower Cove? Who were the "Coolies?" Why did such a large group of Carlingford natives settle together in the Port City? And who were they?

Curious? Then flip open "Together in Exile," by Saint John writer Peter Murphy. You'll find the answers to these questions, plus page after page of genealogical information tracing the County Louth emigrants and their descendants to Lower Cove, Saint John. The County Louth settlement had its beginnings in the early 1820s.

"Together In Exile" is a comprehensive text, and it's no wonder. Mr. Murphy spent 11 years researching here in Canada, as well as in Ireland and the U.S. before compiling the book in 1990.

Between the covers of "Together in Exile" you will find detailed information on the following families: Boyle, Brown, Campbell, Carroll, Cassely, Colins, Creegan, Doyle, Elmore, Feran, Finigan, Flanagan, Hanlon, Hanratty, Hoey, Johnston, Kelly, Killen, Kirk, Lowe, Magee, Markey, May, McCrink, McGuiggan, McGuire, Mills, Murphy, Oakes, Quinn, O'Reilly, Rice, Rourke, Sharkey, Small, Thompson, Tole, Trainor and Woods. Mr. Murphy has also included several photos.

In his genealogy of families, Mr. Murphy includes information from baptismal records and marriage records. You will also find out where these people lived, how they made a living and, finally, how they died. Every fact is documented with a reference.

Mr. Murphy has researched many families of Saint John. He has more information stored in the memory bank of his brain than most of us will enter into our computers. Lucky for us, Mr. Murphy has the trait of a true genealogist - he is continuously sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

"Together in Exile" can be viewed at the Saint John Free Public Library at Market Square and other Research Institutions in New Brunswick.

A copy of "Together In Exile" is available for purchase from
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