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My little brother, Cliff, and I were great explorers of the fields and woods of our farm. Spring was our favourite season. We searched for the first adder tongues along the bank of the Salt Springs Brook. Bunches of pussy willows were carried home to Mum. Quiet moments were spent watching "Mrs. Reddy Fox" and her little ones. From his perch in the alder bushes, old Tom-pee-ba-dee-dee-dee assured us spring was truly here. It was also a time of wet feet ­ from wading through the swamps looking for frog eggs.

As we roamed the fields, we often wondered about the children of days gone by. Did they love spring as we did? Did they pick handfuls of spring flowers for their mother? Did they watch for the first robin? Whose childhood footsteps were we walking in? Who first owned this property?

This land we trod on, had been granted to the Loyalist Joshua (Judge) Upham. Thanks to Bill Titus, we learned many things about the judge and his family. It seemed we could almost see the children waving goodbye to their father as he went off on his circuits, accompanied by his black slave, Luke Hamilton.

Today, I take my grandchildren and their cousins to search for the first adder tongues on the judge's land. They listen attentively to the tales I tell. Spring is a time of rebirth, not only for nature but for the stories of yesteryear.

"Loyalists All" is a book of stories told by the descendants of 80 New Brunswick Loyalists. Each story is accompanied by a family tree showing the direct line of descent from the ancestor down to writer. The publication was compiled by members of the New Brunswick Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada.

The families included are: Ozias Ansley, Rev. Oliver Arnold, William Balmain, Simon Baxter, Henry Belyea, John Bentley, David Blakney, Richard Bonsall, Isaac Bostwick, Jacob Brown, Zachariah Brown, Richard Bull, Anne Cable, Alexander Clark, Abraham Downey, Garrett Dykeman, Gabriel Fowler, Henry Fowler, Joseph French, Thomas Ganong, James Gerow, Jesse Gillies, Nehemiah Gilman, Andrew Gunter, Ebenezer Hatheway, Sergeant Morris Haycock, George Hendry, Jacob Holder, Capt. John Howard, Israel Hoyt, Stephen Humbert, Sir John Johnson, Elisha Jones, Philip Keithland, Isiah Kierstead, Samuel Kierstead, John Lawton, Thomas Mallard, Barnet Manzer, John Marvin, James Maxwell, Malcolm Mckenzie, John Melick, Thomas Merritt, Col. Thomas Millidge, James Morehouse, John Peters, Jordon Post, John Prince, James Reed, Zachariah Roberts, Duncan Robertson, Capt. John Saunders, Nathan Savary, James Scott, Rev. James Scovil, Elias Secord, Ebenezer Seely, Seth Seely, Leonard Slip, Isiah Smith, Isiah (James) Smith, William Snyder, Joseph Squires, James Stinson, James Taylor, Capt. William Taylor, Jonathan Teed, Samuel Theall, Matthew Thornton, Capt. Clayton Tilton, William Towers, Capt. William Underhill, Hon. Joshua Upham, John Watson, Jon White, William White, Major Lemuel Wilmot, Edward (Sr.) Winslow and Edward (Jr.) Winslow.

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