History of the White Family

Compiled in 1906 by James E. White

When an unexpected Sunday afternoon visitor arrived near supper time, Cliff scurried to the cellar to get Mum a bottle of strawberry preserves that had been sealed with hard wax, which had to be removed, without letting any pieces slip into the juice. I was given the task of whipping the cream with the egg beater.

I think Mum wanted to impress this person and was hoping that the white linen tablecloth, the good china and the crystal dessert dishes were going to dress up the kitchen table. 

The elderly guest leaned heavily on her cane, while slowly making her way across the kitchen floor to the table loaded with food. At that moment, my Ginger cat out from behind the stove and with one leap landed on the chair. Placing his front paws on the table, he quickly commenced to lick the whipped cream from the top of the lady's dessert. His actions caused a look of embarrassment to cross Mum's face. 

I wonder if Mary McFarlane White, known as Aunt Becky, ever had a similar embarrassing situation with the many cats she kept on the premises of the farm at the Point in Queens County. Mary was born in 1787 at Groom's Bridge, Kings County. In 1809, she married Samuel White, who was the fourth son of William and Deborah (Tilton) White.

In 1906, Samuel's nephew, James E. White published a genealogy history of the White family and wrote, "It would hardly be possible to find a more benevolent woman than Aunt Becky; all comers received a welcome and her kindest attention; and although she and her husband had no issue, they adopted and brought up thirteen or more dependent children."

James E. White, the author of the genealogy, was born on December 11, 1822 at Grand Lake, Queens County to Vincent and Mary (Dykeman) White. When he was seven, the family moved to Belleisle and built a fine house with numerous outbuildings and soon had one of the best cultivated and most productive farms in Kings County and withal one of the neatest and best kept. All the family clothing, including boots, was made on the farm. They also had their own blacksmith shop and tannery and always had a large number of employees.

In 1875, Vincent and Mary White celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in Sussex with their ten children in attendance. A family photo was included in the book.

Vincent's parents, William and Deborah (Tilton) White, with a nine months old child had come to Saint John with the Loyalists in 1783 and lived in the vicinity of Princess Street for three years. Then they moved to a farm about two miles west of Hampton and three years later went to reside at White's Cove on Grand Lake.

The author states that his aim in writing in 1906, "A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Peter White [wife was Huldah Tabor] of New Jersey, from 1670, and of William White and Deborah Tilton, his wife, Loyalists" was to furnish a record of that branch of the White family which traces its descent through William White and Deborah Tilton who came to New Brunswick with other Loyalists in 1783.

The book, "History of the White Family  - A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Peter White of New Jersey From 1670 and of William White and Deborah Tilton his wife - Loyalists" by James E. White. Published 1906  can be viewed at  the Saint John Free Public Library.

A copy of  "History of the White Family  - A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Peter White of New Jersey From 1670 and of William White and Deborah Tilton his wife - Loyalists" by James E. White. Published 1906  is available at http://www.rubycusack.com/Book-White-Family.html

Query 1009
Finlay - Patrick - Foley:
Walter Finlay married Matilda Patrick in 1809 and moved from Scotland to Saint John, New Brunswick in 1835. Their children were Walter, Robert, Ann, Hugh, Charles, Thomas and Matilda. Hugh married Margaret Foley in 1865 and their children are Hugh, Mary Josephine, Thomas Walter, Robert James, Harry Hutton, Charles  McKay, Albert, Barbara Maud, Albert Crabb and Frank Stanley. Other surames in the family are Enslow, McAndrey, Moore and Brooks. If anyone has information contact:
    -Heather Finlay, 1501 15th Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94122, USA. E-mail to  h_finlay55@hotmail.com.

Query 1010
Coulter - Randal:
Dr.William Coulter came to Canada in 1818 and settled in St. Stephen where he practised medicine for many years. He married Eleanor Ann Randal in1819 and they had four childern, (1) Eleanor Ann Coulter who became my great grand mother (2) Isabella Coulter (3) Jane Coulter (4) James Coulter who perished at sea on a ship owned by a Mr. Eaton. Any information would be appreciated.  
    -Howard T Wright, 308 - 8412 Jubilee Road, RR1 Summerland, BC, Canada, V0H 1Z0. E-mail to h-mwright@shaw.ca. Telephone 250- 494-9478.

Query 1011
Bournel - Plumer
: Sylvanus Plumer was supposedly married in Saint John in 1774 to a Bournel lady. Does anyone have information on a Bournel family being in New Brunswick?
    -D. Plummer at jdplummer2@juno.com.

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