Loyalist Families 
In the late 1950s, I made the big jump from teaching in a one room school to the long corridors of Prince Charles Elementary School on Union Street in Saint John.

Living in the city was a very new experience for me. After school, I enjoyed walking uptown. Long before I reached the head of the City Market, I would hear a young paper boy announcing to those passing by, "Times! Paaa-per! Paaa-per! Times! Read All About It!"

If that young fellow had been selling copies of  "Loyalist Families", he might have been yelling, "Extra! Extra! Read all about ninety-one Loyalist families! Was Shubael Stevens a Loyalist? Where was Arthur Vandine baptized? Which Loyalist Smith settled in Smithtown?"

The publication "Loyalist Families" was prepared in 1983 by Cleadia B. Barnett and Elizabeth S. Sewell. The Loyalists families described were those used to verify membership in the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, Fredericton Branch. The following families are documented in the publication. Loyalists: James Ackerman, John Adams, John Arnold, James Beyea, John Brown, David Burlock, Benjamin Bunnell, Benjamin Burt, Jacob Carvel, Alexander Clark, Richard Samuel Clarke, Peter Clements, Gideon Corey, Aaron Delong, Everett Dewitt, Tertullus Dickinson, Justus Earle, Thomas Everitt, Lewis Fisher, Thomas Ganong, Isaac Gerow, James Gerow, Jesse Gillies, Jonathon Gorham, Nathaniel Gorham, Jacob Grass, Conrad Gunter, Andrew Gunter, Robert Hallett, James Harrison, George A. Hartley, Isaac Hawkshurst, Solomon Hill, Jacob Holder, John Howard, William Hubbard, Nicholas Humphreys, John Jackson, Nathaniel Johnson, Philip Long, John Marsh, Alexander Montgomery, Alexander (Jr.) Montgomery, Archibald McLean, Benjamin McDonald, Benejah Northrup, Thomas Olmstead, William Orser, Nathaniel Parks, Peter (Sr.) Parlee, Isaac Parlee, Thomas Peters, John Pond, Andrew Rainsford, Col. Beverley Robinson, John Robinson, Richard Rogers, Jacob Segee, John Segee, Christopher Sheck, Ebenezer Slocum, Bowen Smith, James Smith, Elias Snider, Martin Snider, Francis Staples, Shubael Stevens, William Straight, Amos Straight, James Sutherland, John Titus, Jonathon Titus, Jeremiah Travis, Holden Turner, James Turner, Nathaniel Underhill, British Nathaniel Underhill, William Underhill, Dowe Van Dine, Arthur Vandine, Jacob Vanwart, Garret Vanwart, Isaac Van Wart, William Vanwart, David Waterbury, Silvanus Waterbury, Titus Way, Hon. Thomas Wetmore, Lemuel Wilmot and Anthony Woodland.

If your family has been in New Brunswick for a few generations, you will probably be researching a Loyalist ancestor.

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