Kent County Marriage Records

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Brown were having a cup of tea and munching on molasses cookies. They never gossiped, according to them - they just exchanged tidbits of news.

Mrs. Smith said in a very slow drawl, "You know Jack Randall, the confirmed bachelor, is getting married right after Christmas."

Mrs. Brown's ear perked up and she asked, "Who is the lucky girl?"

Mrs. Smith replied, "She's a city girl, but she is going to move out to the farm."

Nothing could be heard for a few moments but the ticking of the clock.

Finally Mrs. Brown spoke, "Well, I hope he didn't let his heart go to his head when he proposed. The wife he chooses can make the difference between his ending up with a goose egg or a nest egg in the bank."

Upcoming marriages often provided conversation over tea, but finding the record of the marriage is what counts with family researchers.

Helen Symes Brooks of Saint John spent many months compiling the Kent County Marriage Records from microfilm reel 1247. The three volumes cover the years from 1845 to 1887, with more than 5,000 marriages.

An interesting note was placed at the beginning of the microfilm reel: "This marriage book was found in a Vancouver Second Hand Shop in July, 1943, and returned to Kent County by Mr. Burpee, formerly of Saint John, N.B., and now of Seattle, Washington, USA."

Mrs. Brooks has donated copies of the three volumes of the "Kent County Marriage Records" to the Provincial Archives, Fredericton and to the Saint John Free Public Library in Market Square.
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Query 98-319
Strang - Ward: My ancestor, Gabriel Strang, served in the Loyalist American Regiment and went to Saint John in 1783 among the last of the departing loyalists. He was granted lot 1194, in Parrtown. I think he was in the October fleet and in the company of John Ward, who was a founding father of Saint John. Ward's wife was Elizabeth Strang, younger sister of Gabriel. Elizabeth bore her first child, John Ward Strang, on Dec. 18, 1783, in a tent pitched near present-day Saint John. The tent was banked with branches for warmth against the cold of that record winter. (I received this information from the Ward family records, New Brunswick Museum, Saint John.). I would like to correspond with anyone who can add to the story.

­ Richard Strang, 7105 Colby Ave., Des Moines, Iowa, 50311. E-mail to

Query 98-320
Howard - Kerr: Capt. John Howard of the Orange Rangers, 1742 to 1824, married Patience Howard on Nov. 28, 1784, in New York. They were living in Quaco, St. John County, early on. They had a son, John Howard Jr. (1792-1876), who married Elizabeth Kerr (1803-1889). She was the daughter of Capt. James Kerr of Nova Scotia. The family remained in Saint John. Some years ago, I corresponded with many descendants of these families, many living within Saint John. I would really like to resume correspondence with these people.

­ Pam Wood Waugh, 730 Dunhill Dr, Orlando, FL, 32825. Or E-mail to

Query 98-321
March: I am seeking information on the descendants of Dr. John Edgar March, who died in 1907. He served as a Saint John port doctor and as a general practitioner in Hampton. His wife was Clymene Kaye. They had four children: Maud; Ernest (1887-?); John Edgar (1891-1961), who was my father; and Dudley (1897-?). I have the First World War records of the sons. I do not have any information on Maud, who married a Presbyterian clergyman, Gordon Dickie. They lived a good part of their lives in British Columbia. At my father's interment in Fernhill Cemetery in 1961, a relative, unknown to me, showed me a binder of family genealogical information.

­ William D. March, 12 Simcoe Place, Halifax, N.S., B3M 1H3. Phone (902) 443-6036. Or E-mail to

Query 98-322
Harding - Spragg: I am looking for ancestory of Captain William Harding, a Loyalist who settled at Saint John after the Revolutionary War in America. Also interested in Spragg families, specifically Captain Thomas Spragg of Kings County.

­ Dan Peterson, 241 Main St., Walnut Grove, MN, 56180. Or E-mail

Query 98-323
King - Hayes - Mullen: I am looking for information on Michael King, husband of Annie Hayes King. His death date could be April 24, 1899. I also need information on the death of Annie Hayes King (she may have been Annie Mullen at her death in approximately 1919). Both deaths would have occurred in Saint John.

­ Carla Bryson, 7 Queensberry St, Apt 9, Boston, MA., 02215. Or E-mail to

Query 98-324
Stinson - Babcock: I am looking for information on Edward Stinson. He lived on St. Andrews Island, also known as Navy Island. He may have gone to Australia. Edward Stinson (Senior) was first married to Elizabeth Lambert. In June of 1955, he was married for the second time to Eliza Babcock.

­ George Matthews. E-mail to

Query 98-325
Murray: I'm seeking information on the parents and siblings of Henry Murray, my great-great-grandfather. Henry was born in Saint John (or the surrounding area) on Aug. 4, 1822. He left the area when he was 16 and became an apprentice to a ship's carpenter. These ships sailed to the "Sandwich Islands" (which we now call Hawaii). He settled briefly in the San Franciso area in 1847, but then sailed to Seattle where he married and established a home in Roy, Washington. Henry died on June 30, 1908, in Tacoma, Washington. On Henry's death certificate, it lists his father's name as Robert Murray (no middle name or initial). It says that his father was born in Scotland and lists his occupation as farmer.
­ Mike Murray, 20210 NE 85th Street, Redmond, WA, 98053. Phone (425) 936-7740. Or E-mail to

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