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100 Years more or less

Dad had promised he would fix the broken antenna of the big old radio - the antenna simply being a wire running from the radio, under the window sash and up to the peak of the house and across the yard to the top of the barn roof - but there were too many chores on his plate to do the job tonight plus we were getting heavy April Showers that would bring May Flowers.

Without this wire, all we heard were scratchy voices and lots of static when what we wanted to hear was the voice of Mary Grannan’s “Just Mary Story”.

We heard noises outside the window and through the glass saw Gord holding the ladder while Ken climbed to the roof and spliced the wire.

A pin could have been heard as we huddled close to that big old radio and listened.

Another very popular radio script writer was Eva Searle who wrote for CFNB in Fredericton.

Fortunately many of her scripts have been published in the books “100 Years more or less”.

Having been a teacher for many years, I could relate to Ida McAdam who taught in Fredericton. On the 50th Anniversary of her teaching, the Board of School Trustees presented her with a purse of gold.  Fifty of her former students, one from each of her classes, presented her with a rose. An interesting note concerns Mrs. W. G. Clark who arranged the party, as in 1896, she was the first woman in Canada to be appointed to the Board of School Trustees and held the position for 49 years.

James Pinder, once known as the King of Nackawic was a member of the New Brunswick Legislature for 16 years and cared not, upon whose toes he stepped.

The Hon. David Wark came into the Legislature in 1842. He made the motion to bring school inspectors into the school system.

A very sad tale is that of the vessel Royal Tar which sailed out of Saint John in 1836 with a menagerie of elephants, camels, horses and other animals on board. A fire broke out two days later. Captain Reed did his best to save the passengers and crew but 32 perished.

Dr. Henry I. Taylor wanted only to be a horse and buggy country doctor in Charlotte County but he went on to serve as Minister of Health.

Way back in 1850, some prominent citizens of Fredericton felt there should be a medicare plan.

William Odell left Saint John in October of 1836 and was at sea twenty-three days in making the voyage to Ireland.

If you are fortunate to find one of your kin mentioned in Eva Searle’s books, you may discover a hidden fact or two.  Otherwise just enjoy these small books that are filled with many interesting stories that took place in New Brunswick in years gone by - stories that could have been long forgotten.

Eva Serale describes her radio scripts as being about people - not history. She goes on to say, “People are more important than they think they are - especially Maritimers”.              

Query 1857
Mason - McMullin: New Brunswick Census of 1851 lists Jane Mason, widow (likely of Thomas Mason) arriving in New Brunswick in June 1842 living on a farm in Lincoln Parish, Sunbury County, NB. The children with her are Nancy, James and William. In the 1861 Census, she and the boys are in Mornington Township, Perth County, Canada West (Ontario)  with William and Ann McMullin (her siblings).
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Query 1858
Hanscom - Low: Trying to document birth date of Lucy Hanscom circa 1819 to Dependence Hanscom and Jane Low Hanscom in New Brunswick
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Query 1859
McClellan - McLellan - Hatfield: Seeking documentation on the names of the children and the husband of  Marion McClellan/McLellan d/o David and Marianne Knight McClellan/McLellan. Was her husband William Hughson Hatfield or William Wilsie Hatfield
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Query 1860
McGill - O’Neil - Gary: Catherine McGill (1856-1912) was wed to John O'Neil by her brother, Rev. H. J. McGill, at the Cathedral in Saint John in 1879. She was the daughter of Terence Lawrence McGill and Mary Gary, from Queenstown/Cobh. Other siblings were, Margaret, Agnes, Mame, Lawrence Jr, Robert. Other than this, we have no info on any Saint John McGills, and there must be some relatives out there?
Paul O'Neil

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