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Mum had sent her Christmas order early to Eatons. But she was quite disappointed at the exchanges that had been made as well as the “out of stock” stamp.

This was really good news for Cliff and me as she decided she would go to the city on Saturday when Gramp took the cans of cream into the Dairy.

Being the children of a farmer, money was scarce but that would not hinder our joy of looking at all the toys and things that we knew we would not be getting.

We were up early on Saturday morning and were surprised to see the blowing snow as we watched out the window for Gramp’s black Oldsmobile with the suicide back doors.

As we waited, I whispered to Cliff that maybe Gramp would treat us to Ginger Ale at the soda fountain counter at Robbins Drug Store where we could look for the unseen person who opened the door.

Gramp drove slowly as the roads were slippery. It seemed to take forever to get to the Golden Ball Corner to start Mum’s shopping spree.

She took the list out of her purse and we walked across to Duval’s on Waterloo Street to see if they had a jackknife that would be suitable for Gord.

The wind  was howling as we made our way along Union Street to check at  Davidson’s, the woolen goods store, where there was a beautiful sheep guarding the door. Mum found a couple of skeins of mohair yarn for Gram.

Next stop was the Metropolitan Store on Charlotte Street for scarves for the twins.

The Five and Ten was handy so Mum stopped there as they might have Pot of Gold chocolates on sale.
As we walked through the City Market, I knew we were headed for MRA’s Toy Land. We were allowed to stay there and look at all the beautiful toys, to give Mum the opportunity to browse their Lower Price Store.

On her shopping list was the book “Rangers of the Lone Star” by Zane Grey as she had heard Dad say, he would like to have a copy. But there was a problem as Mum had no idea what store would have that title.

Things haven’t changed much over the years as we still search for a special book for a special person.

My Carrie’s generation would tell us to go online to search.

If you are looking for a local New Brunswick book, the Kings County Museum, Hampton has an extensive collection of historical works by authors and historians from throughout Kings County and across New Brunswick. For more information, visit Telephone (506) 832-6009 or E-mail

Some of the titles would be:
Down with the Rigidly Righteous: The Poems of John Dunham, edited by John R. Elliott - a  collection of over 200 poems by an incredible – but little known figure - from New Brunswick's past. John Dunham (1868-1944) was a keen observer and his witty, insightful poems create a vivid depiction of life along the river in Kings and Queens Counties. 317 pages - fully indexed with photos.

Diary of Philip Nase, 1836 to 1885: Family, Business & Politics on the Lower Saint John River.
This diary covers a fascinating mix of genealogy, local history, river history, and Canadian and world events.

The Land of Milk & Honey: A History of Upham by Edward Kilpatrick takes the reader through the community of Upham, farm by farm, looking at the original land grants of the area and how those properties passed through families over time. Included are many images of the Upham area.

Other books at the Kings County Museum include:

    The Bloomfield Area Remembered
by David G. Keirstead.

    Stagecoach Days on the Westmorland Great Road, 1835 to 1872
by W. Eugene Goodrich.

    The Records of the Reverend James Gray
, Kings County, New Brunswick 1857 to 1898.  

    Diary of Flora Somerville: The Lady of the Narrows
Vol. 1 & 2 compiled by Graeme F. Somerville.

    Hampton Consolidated School, A Story Worth Telling
by David G. Keirstead and several other titles.

At the Albert County Museum is
The World War I Diaries and Letters of Lieut. Louis Stanley Edgett - Tom Edgett & Dave

At the Steeves House Museum!merch-and-donations/c1nx6 you will find:

    Samphire Greens.

    Heinrich and Regina: The Story of the First Steeves.

    New Voices on the Shores.

    The Search for Heinrich Stief.  

    The St. John River and its Tributaries.

    Saint John Ships and Their Builders.

    Back A Long Way.

The Quaco Library in St. Martins has:

    Women In the Golden Age of Sail by Donal Baird.

    The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning.

    Beach Detective by Peggy Kochanoff.

    In the Great Days of Sail by Archibald MacMechan


The New Brunswick Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada has the following books listed on their website at

Loyalists All by Gail Bonsall Pipes.

The Loyalists of New Brunswick by Esther Clark Wright.

Some Burial Records of the Loyalist Burial Ground, Saint John, NB, by Graeme F. Somerville.

Loyally Yours 100 compiled & edited by Frederick H. Hayward, UE.

Their Loyalty They Kept by Glen N. Wiche.

Pay a visit to the New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop at Market Square in Saint John, NB where there are New Brunswick books for sale.

The New Brunswick Genealogical Society has some books listed at and the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society at

Also take a look at Charlotte County Gen Web at

To me books are a gift to treasure for ever and ever.

New and Used Genealogical and Historical books of
New Brunswick for sale.

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