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George Hatfield Hayward is a 7th generation New Brunswicker, who was born in Carleton County. Captain John and Mary (Lockerman) Hatfield were two of his maternal 4th great grandparents.
The first step in the preserving season was to gather up all the bottles and wash them. Then came weeks of making jams and jellies. As each batch was completed, the bottles were filled to the top and sealed with hot wax before the covers were put on. It seemed before that was all finished, it was time to peel and slice cucumbers and tomatoes.

Finally all was completed. Mum stood with pride and looked at all her finished work which was on the shelves in the back pantry.

Now Cliff and I had the pleasure of making trip after trip down the stone steps to place them in cupboards and shelves in the cellar.

I didn’t think anything of the Mother-Do cat sitting by the rank of furnace wood. I just thought she wanted to keep us company but when I saw her pounce on a mouse, I made a dash for the stairs and tripped. Mum heard my screams and howling and rushed to my rescue. After Peroxide and Mercurochrome had been put on my skinned knee, I was as good as new. Mum’s hugs and cuddling sure helped as well.    

When finally every bottle was neatly arranged, we heard company arriving.

Mum was only too pleased to bring them to the cellar to see her weeks of work.

She told me to fetch a basket and put one of each kind of preserves and pickles in it so her friend could enjoy these treats during the winter months.

I could not understand why she worked so hard only to give away many of her bottles of goodies but Mum said she received pleasure in sharing.

George Hayward has spent many years gathering information on census records, marriage records and family histories. He has contributed articles to genealogical journals, spoken at a number of genealogical meetings and conferences, and published more than twenty books.

He has been an active family historian since 1955. His main area of interest has been the Planters that settled along the lower St. John River Valley in 1763 and the years immediately thereafter, and the Loyalist refugees that fled to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia following the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783.

It is his wish that researchers everywhere have ready access to the fruits of his many years of research, thus an extensive list of his published works is made available to family researchers on the New Brunswick Genealogical Society’s website at

Descendants of Daniel Smith, Loyalist, and his wife Ruth Fitch from Connecticut in 1783 to Sunbury County, New Brunswick, including three generations of Daniel Smith’s Connecticut Ancestors" was a daunting venture.  Esther Clark Wright, in “The Loyalists of New Brunswick,” listed about 80 Smith males, age 18 years or older, who settled in N.B. in or near 1783. Four of these, Andrew, Daniel, Samuel and Thomas Smith, settled along the Oromocto River in what is now the Parishes of Burton and Blissville, and all had several children. This publication attempts to separate the descendants of Daniel and Ruth (Fitch) Smith from the descendants of Andrew, Samuel and Thomas Smith, and to record some facts derived from primary source.

Descendants of Benjamin & Sarah Lovely: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Benjamin Lovely who Served in the Royal Fencible American Regiment during the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 and His Wife Sarah of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine. Benjamin Lovely was born in about 1749 in Ireland. He married Sarah in 1777 in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. They had eight children. He died in 1830 in Carleton County, New Brunswick.

Francis Drake, Loyalist”, was a shoemaker before the Revolutionary War. During the war he was a Loyalist. He enlisted as a Private in Oliver DeLancey's Third Brigade on the 24th of Aug., 1777, and was a Sergeant when the war ended. He came from New York to Saint John, N.B., in 1783, and settled first in Sunbury County. Later he moved up the Saint John River to the Parish of Queensbury, where he and Catherine lived the remainder of their lives and were buried in Day Hill Cemetery, now called the Upper Queensbury Cemetery.
Haywards of Sunbury & Carleton Counties, N.B., and Some of Their Descendants”. In 1955, George Hayward was living in Fredericton, and drove through the Parish of Lincoln to Oromocto, N.B., each day to work. Along the way he passed the Lower Lincoln Cemetery. One day, on his way home, he turned into the road that led to the cemetery and parked the car. When he walked to the top of the knoll, the first gravestone he came upon, under the big white pine, was inscribed "George Hayward, died 31 Mar 1799, age 60 yrs., and Ann, his wife, died Dec 1806, age 75 yrs." This “stop” started him on the journey of tracing his Hayward family.

William and Elizabeth (Fones) Hallett and Some of Their Descendants 1616-1994" tells the story of Six Hallett men who came to New Brunswick in 1783. All were Loyalists. They were Capt. Samuel Hallett who settled  in  Saint  John; Samuel  Hallett,  Jr.,  who  settled in Sussex, Kings  Co., Lieut. Daniel Hallet who settled in the Parish of St. Marys, York Co., and Joseph Hallett who was granted a town lot in Saint John, sons of Capt. Samuel Hallett; Moses Hallet who settled at Bear Island in the Parish of Queensbury, York Co.; and Cpl. Robert Hallett who settled at Upper Brighton, Carleton Co. Moses was a nephew of  Capt.  Samuel  Hallett. Robert was related to Capt. Samuel also, probably a nephew. So all of the Halletts whose roots go back to Queens  Co.,  N.Y.  are related. This  volume includes the information George Hayward accumulated on the New York Halletts prior to the Revolutionary War, and on the descendants of Moses and Robert Hallett who removed to New Brunswick.

There are 21 books in the George Hayward Collection on the website. They are free and accessible to anyone seeking information on the mentioned families - a gold mine - just waiting for you to click on and start reading.


To access any of these publications simply click on the publication's title below.  
Descendants of Daniel Smith, Loyalist, and his wife Ruth Fitch
Descendants of Benjamin & Sarah Lovely
Descendants of Matthew Phillips of New York
Francis Drake, Loyalist
Hatfields of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, 1783-2016
Haywards of Sunbury & Carleton Counties, NB
Henry (Burnham) Holmes & his Burnham and O'Brien Ancestors
History of Queens Co., N.B. by E. Stone Wiggins, LL.D.
Israel Kinney, his Children and their Families by E.W. Bell
Joseph and Joan (Codner) Bubar and Some of Their Descendants, 1645-1998
Descendants of Louis (Boulier) Belyea and Antje Konninck
Northern Carleton County Cemeteries Vol. 1
Peter & Lucretia (Handy) Clinch and Some of their Descendants
Pioneer Families of Carleton County
Shaws of New Brunswick and Maine With Roots in Massachusetts and England 1518-2004
The Descendants of Stephen and Lydia (McGee) Orser
Tapleys of Sunbury County, New Brunswick
The Connollys of Carleton County, N.B.
The Nevers Family - Revised 2006
William and Ann (Hayward) Boone and Some of their Descendants 1766-1999
William and Elizabeth (Fones) Hallett and Some of their Descendants 1616-1994

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