In the name of the mother  

Descendants of a Gagetown woman who had 22 children
keep the family genealogy and history alive
"The Descendants of Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price."


It seemed Gram found many occasions to invite all the family to her house for Sunday dinner. Aunt Sadie was a great cook and never complained about cooking a full-course meal for 15 to 20 people. We all sat at the long table in the dining room.

Cliff and I loved these family dinners because there was always a bottle of ketchup, which we didn't have at home. Ketchup was as good as a set of paints. We would smooth out the mashed potatoes on our plate to make a round face. We shook the glass bottle and poured ketchup to make the nose, eyes and mouth. Sometimes Cliff's white shirt received more of this "red paint" than the potatoes.

While we entertained one another with our artistic trimming talents, the adults talked of relatives past and present. Now that I look back on these family gatherings at Gram's, I think of Jane Webb Price and wonder if her children and grandchildren came for Sunday dinner. A document states that she was the mother of 22 children.

Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price first settled in Grimross (Gagetown) about 1767, which was 16 years before the Loyalists arrived in New Brunswick in 1783. One of the tragedies that struck this family was the disappearance of 14 year-old Mary. Jane suffered another loss in about 1785 when her husband Edmund died. She did not remain a widow long and on Oct. 7, 1788, she married Henry Kitchen, a widower.

In 1976, three of the Price offspring ­ Fred Amos of Burlington, Ont., a scientist with a "delightful genealogical disease," Gerald Keith, President of Keith Brokerage Ltd. in Saint John and Myrtle Perry, a former school teacher of Havelock, published "The Descendants of Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price."

This book of nearly 300 pages is filled with detailed information on the families of 14 of the children of Edmund and Jane Price.

The Price book can be found on the shelves of many research institutions in New Brunswick.

"Her children shall rise up and call her blessed" is a fitting description of the mother of this Price family.

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