Descendants of Thomas Spragg and Mary Ann Carman

A Sunday drive usually meant going to visit a relative. That meant sitting quietly while the adults talked. Kids were to be seen and not heard.

It seemed to take forever for Dad to get to Hampton and then down along the Lower Norton Shore Road. As we made the turn to the Pickwauket Road, I pressed my nose against the window, watching for Seeley Mountain. Mum had told us the story of a moose that had fallen off the ledge many years before. I looked  way up but all I could see were the bare rocks.

Finally we reached Long Point and turned up the long hilly driveway to Frank and Jean's. I enjoyed coming here as there would be cats for me to play with!

Once the visiting was over and the farewells were said, I overheard Dad tell Mum that he was going to take the long way home. Oh! Goodie! This meant a trip on the ferry and over to Elsie's Canteen at Hatfield Point for a double decker ice cream cone.

While we licked those cones of ice cream, Dad drove to Springfield and then followed the road along the Bellisle Bay through Kiersteadville. Mum wanted to stop and visit her girlhood friend Nettie  but decided it was getting too near supper time.

Part of the road we travelled in Hatfield Point had been laid out way back in the 1790s  by Capt. Thomas Spragg and Caleb Davis.  These two men were the pioneers of the first English Settlement on the Bellisle. Now that I think of it, their grand children probably walked across the ice in the winter time to visit friends. During the summer, the trips were made by row boats, long before a ferry was even thought about.

Capt. Thomas Spragg was a Loyalist, born in Hampstead, Long Island, New York about 1830. There he married sixteen year old Mary Ann Carman on Oct. 31, 1752.  They sailed for Saint John with their children on the "Jason" and arrived on Oct. 17, 1783. Thomas died at Hatfield Point on Feb. 22, 1812. Mary lived to be 92 years old. Their son Caleb was invited to take part in  the Tree Planting Ceremony that was held on May 18, 1883 in Queen Square, Saint John.

Caleb Davis was born in a small village in Glamorganshire, Wales and came to America as an officer in the British Fusiliers toward the close of the American Revolution. After the war ended he was stationed in Saint John. He married Mary Spragg, a daughter of Capt. Thomas Spragg on Jun. 18, 1785. Thus, began the entwining of the Spragg and Davis Families.

Muriel Long  spent more than twenty years gathering two hundred pages of information with an additional thirty page index on the descendants. It has been a real challenge to sort out these families who intermarried and intermingled for generations across the Bellisle Bay. Many of them bore the same first names.

Query 98-549
Hamilton - Howe: James Hamilton of Greenwich, Kings County was  married on Nov. 13, 1851 to Margaret Howe, who was the daughter of James and Jane Howe of Coote Hill, now Petersville,  Hampstead Parish.
 -Richard Howe, 94 Bagot St., Guelph; Ontario, N1H 5T6. Telephone (519) 821-6362. Or E-mail to

Query 98-550
Kilcup - Kimbal - McCaron - Bowen: I am seeking information on the Kilcup family. George married Margaret Kimbal and his son Phineas was born in St George. He married Mary McCaron in 1857 and his son Hugh married Lillian Bowen in 1892. This very large family  settled in Charlotte County. They were fishermen and when fishing season got bad they left- the whole family and went to Washington. Looking for any information on this family- KILCUP
 -Elizabeth Ann Kilcup, 58-1328 Commissioners Rd. West, London Ont. N6K 2Y6. E-mail to

Query 98-551
Snell - Joslin - Joscelyn: My ancestor David Joslin (non-loyalist) of Conneticut after the American Revolutionary War went to Ninety-Six, South Carolina for several years. The next we hear of him he is married to a Catherine Snell and has a son George Snell Joscelyn born Feb. 24, 1791 in New Brunswick, according to the 1850 Census in Sullivan Co, New York. There was a Barnet Snell of Orangeburgh, South Carolina and some of his children went to New Brunswick. He had children: Anna, Christian, Marie, Catherine, George, David, Daniel. My David and Catherine (Snell) Joslin named their children: George, Nancy (Anna) David, Daniel, Joseph Barnet.  Do any New Brunswick Snell families have records and traditions of relatives in Sullivan Co. New York during the 1800's?  I would like to establish whether my Catherine Snell is a daughter of the Loyalist Barnet Snell from South Carolina?
 -Dr. J.C. Holsinger, 2214 E. Cherryvale, Springfield, MO., 65804-4524. Telephone  (417) 883-8396. Or E-mail to

 Query 98-552
McGowan - Magoun - Day - Roach: I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, Hugh Henry McGowan of Saint John. His father was also Hugh Henry McGowan. I believe his stepmother was a Mrs. Day.  Hugh was born in Saint John approximately 1841 and joined the U.S. Navy in1869 and retired in1893.  He was married in Boston to Catherine Roach of Prince Edward Island. in Boston.
 -M. M. Jenkins, 90 Quincy Shore Dr., #602, Quincy, MA., 02171, USA. E-mail to

Query 98-553
Long - Parlee: Who were parents of William Long, born Nov. 20, 1850? He was of Kings County when he married Mary Jane Parlee on Jul.7, 1875. William's siblings were: Rachel, Tom, Robert, Calvin, Henry, Mary Jane, David, Alexander, John, Margaret, Mary Ann, Luther, Joseph and Wickcliffe. I also need vital statistics for the spouses and descendants.
 -Sandra Devlin, 81 Weston St., Moncton, N.B., E1A 7B8. Or E-mail to

 Query 98-554
Mullaly - Ahearne - Morgan - McCollough - Kerr - Breen: I am looking for more information on Lawrence Mullaly who died in 1880 in  Newcastle, New Brunswick. Lawrence worked for the Intercolonial Railway in the Beaverbrook area of Newcastle circa 1873-1880. He was born in 1829 in County Tipperary, Ireland to  Edward Mullally and Mary Ahearne; his siblings were: Martin, James, Timothy, Johanna, and Michael.  First sign of Lawrence in New Brunswick is 1857 at Church of the Assumption, Saint John, when Johanna Mullaly and husband John Breen baptized their daughter Bridget Breen. Lawrence married Margaret Morgan in Sussex (Studholm Parish) in 1864. Margaret Morgan died in 1899.  Her parents William Morgan and Sarah McCollough and family came from County Tipperary to Saint John in 1847. The Morgan's descendants live in the Millstream area of Sussex. Lawrence and Margaret had three children: Mary Johanna born in Sussex in 1866; my grandfather Pierce Edward born in Saint John in 1868 and Sarah Agatha born in Saint John in 1870.  Mary Johanna married James Kerr in Chatham, New Brunswick in 1893.
 -Charles Mullaly, 517 Grand Avenue, South Pasadena, California, 91030. Or E-mail to

Query 98-555
Kearns: I am interested in the Kearns family from Sussex and Seeley's Mills in the Waterford area of Kings County. I am trying to determine the location of the residence of Patrick Kearns in 1801. I have a list of his children if someone finds they are connected to this Kearns family.
 -Betty Millett Ellis, P.O. Box 234, Readfield, Maine, 04355. Or E-mail to

Query 98-556
Hoskins - Nadeau - Duplissis: My great great grandfather Moses Henry Hoskins, was born in Saint John in April of 1816. He married Elizebeth Nadeau, the daughter of Louis Nadeau and Jane Duplissis in1844 at Mirimachi, New Brunswick. They emigrated to Maine in 1848. I am
looking for information on his parents, country of origin, siblings, and religion. I have considerable information on his descendants which I will share.
 -Harold E. Hoskins, 14713 Hwy 64, Lebanon, MO., 65536. Or E-mail to

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