Since I was a child I have been keenly interested in Family connections. I remember sitting listening to  Gram talking of relatives and I would ask many questions of who was who.

According to the Dictionary, "Genealogy is a record or table showing the descent of an individual or family from a certain ancestor".

To those of us whose life has become almost consumed with doing Genealogy, this dictionary meaning seems very cold. Someone who has not been involved with Genealogy might ask, "What is Genealogy?"

Genealogy to me is becoming so interested in the life of these people that you are researching that you want to know every possible bit of information about them. Although these folk have been gone from this earth for many years, they become real people to us. We share their joys and sorrows as we ferret out the facts. It might be said that we feel like we are walking in their shoes.

Genealogy also means Sharing. One of the thrilling aspects of doing Genealogy is the sharing of information with others. Sometimes the sharing may be in the form of telling another person about new material that is now available or discussing stumbling blocks that have blocked your search. Most important of all is the excitement of finding someone else who has information on the family you are searching. On many occasions it has only been due to a chance remark, that I have found out that someone else had the key to unlock my mystery.

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Welcome to my site.   I am a Genealogy Buff  in New Brunswick, Canada.

Ruby Cusack is a genealogy buff living in  New Brunswick, Canada. Readers are invited to send their genealogical queries to her at When E-Mailing put Yesteryear Families in the Subject line. Please include in the query, your name and postal address as someone reading the newspaper may have information to share with you but not have access to E-mail. Please keep queries to 45 words plus your address.  Directions for submitting queries can be found at

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