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Alward lines
Four volumes contain 2,400 pages, a 427-page index and 50,000 names
I think God made swamps just for kids to wade through them, but Mum didn't see it that way.

As soon as Cliff and I arrived home from school, we pulled on our gum rubber boots and ran out the back door. Mum's voice trailed after us, "Don't go wading in the swamp."

We really didn't intend to go roaming through the swamp but we saw beautiful gold threads and star flowers beckoning to us through the alder bushes. I very carefully stepped on a large rock and then on to a clump of earth and was just about ready to reach for a flower, when my foot slipped into the soft mud. Down, down I sank until my gum rubber was totally immersed in the brown mucky water. Once I reached solid ground, I dumped the water out of the boot and tried to wipe my stockings clean by rubbing them with dried grass.

Shortly we heard Mum calling us for supper and we rushed to the house. I kicked off my boots just as Mum stepped into the porch. She looked at me and asked, "Did you go into the swamp and go over the top of those boots?"

I replied, "No, The reason my foot is wet is cause my boot leaks."

Mum quickly retorted, "There is not one iota of truth in that story," and returned to the kitchen to put supper on the table.

I whispered to Cliff that I thought she was really mad as she never used swear words like that before.

As the years passed, I learned that iota was the smallest letter in the Greek Alphabet and meant a little bit.

Ford Alward must have been thinking of the word that meant the opposite of iota when he compiled the four volumes ‘Alward - Distinguished For Loyalty.' A story of two Loyalist Cousins and their descendants - Benjamin and Oswald Alward. The total pages in the four volumes is 2400 including a 427-page index, fifty thousand names and many pictures. The index also includes the names of the known parents of spouses.

Benjamin and Oswald Alward were loyalist who settled in New Canaan, Queens County in the 1790s. The cousins raised 22 children who married and had families. By tracing the lines of the daughters as being equal to the sons, over 23,000 descendants are identified in the book. Although the vast majority have made a life for themselves in Canada, others have gone to Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and England and to practically every state in the US.

As to their occupations, many followed the life of their original New Brunswick ancestor and followed the plough in summer and fell the tree in the winter. Others sought a less laborious way of life and became teachers.

Two descendants, born in New Canaan, were prominent in Saint John. Dr. Aaron A. Alward, a medical doctor, was mayor from 1866-70 and Grit MLA from 1870-74.  Dr. Silas Alward, a prominent lawyer, was Grit MLA from 1887-1899.

The families of Price, Keith, Perry, Clark, Corey, Humphrey and many others entwined with the Alward families

The title of the book ‘Alward - Distinguished For Loyalty' includes a term used by a witness to describe Benjamin Alward when he registered his claim for compensation in 1785. It also applies to Ford Alward in his attempt to reconnect the members of a widely dispersed family.

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Query 98-675
Hays - Bulger: William Hays married Christina Bulger on Oct. 8, 1825. This announcement was in the newspaper, the Acadian Recorder in 1825. I would like to find information about their children, one of whom was also named William.
 -Betty J. Hays Woods, P.O.Box 231853 Anchorage, Alaska, 99523. Telephone  (907) 337-7474. Fax (907) 929-3675. E-mail to

Query 98-676
Perry - O'Toole: I am seeking the parents of the Rev. John Perry (born 1821)  who was minister of the Baptist church in Victoria Corners, Carleton County (Florenceville - Connell area) during the 1890s and early 1900s. His wife was Catherine O'Toole.  I believe he was also the Baptist minister in Springfield, Kings County during the mid to late 1880s. There is another Rev. John Perry, who was a Baptist minister in Norton in 1871, who possibly may have been his father? I do know that the Perry family were United Empire Loyalists and were granted land in Lower Canada. The Rev. John Perry was an uncle to the New Brunswick MLA, Gladstone Perry and I am also trying to locate biographical information about Gladstone, in the hope that it will shed further light on our ancestry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
        -Connie Fitzpatrick, 39 Millpark Road SW, Calgary, AB, T2Y 2N6. E-mail to

Query 98-677
Titus Hill Cemetery - Titusville: I am compiling information on the people buried in Titus Hill Cemetery at Titusville. I am interested in any information that can be found on these people;  newspaper clippings dealing with births, marriages, obituaries or notes of general interest; pictures; school attended; residences; ancestors and descendants.
 -R. M. Cusack. E-mail to

Query 98-678
Hamilton - Gray - McAuley: Jane Hamilton, daughter of Elizabeth McAuley and John Hamilton  of Lancaster was married by the Rev. S. Jones Hanford on Nov. 04, 1883 in Barnesville to John Gray. Their three known children are: Elizabeth, Alice Maude and William.  I am interested in finding information on the Gray and Hamilton families.
 --John Stevens, 3 East Avenue, Lisbon Falls, Maine, USA, 04252. E-mail to
Query 98-679
Morrow - McColgan - Calvin: Thomas Morrow (1801-1896) was married on June 20,1839 to Margaret McColgan (1820-1899). They lived in Grand Bay for many years. I am seeking information on their descendants as well as the descendants of their siblings for a reunion to be held on June 26 at Kennebunck, Maine. If you are related to or have any information on these families, I would appreciate hearing from you.
 -Bob Chambers, 63 Ganniston Dr., Augusta, Maine, USA., 04330. Telephone 207-622-4605. E-mail to

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