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A Keirstead History
by David G. Keirstead

As I sat in my little wooden chair beside the wood stove in the one-room school house, listening to the teacher read about the Fall Fleet of the Loyalist, I gazed out the window at the bright red and orange leaves that adorned the trees on the hillside and my thoughts drifted. Moving to a strange country would be distressing enough but to arrive when winter was fast approaching with no home built and no cellar filled with provisions would be terrible.

The ship John and Jane of the October Fleet in 1783 had members of the Keirstead family on board. More than two hundred years later, a descendant, David G. Keirstead of Hampton has compiled a detailed direct-line-approach history of thirteen generations of  "his Keirstead side" of the family tree down to the present day.

The author traces the New Brunswick Keirsteads back to the progenitor Dr. Hans Kierstede, from Magdeburg, Germany. At the time of his birth, circa 1612, it would have been known as the capital of Prussian Saxony. His name first appeared in Dutch records in America in 1638. It would seem the doctor came to New Amsterdam [New York City] with Governor William Kieft and was employed as a surgeon with the West India Company.

There are many interesting facts in this book on the families and answers to such questions as:

Which Keirstead abandoned his wife and three sons?

This man refused to pay a fine of thirty pounds and chose to receive thirty lashes, because he led a church service in Massachusetts where he had no licence to preach.

This fellow stole a horse and was fined.

A certain minister's wife was taken to task for showing her ankles in public?

Her father disowned her because she visited her uncle who was on the opposite side of the Revolutionary War. She came to New Brunswick and bore fifteen children. Her grandson suggested the name "Dominion of Canada".

Find out who served as a Deacon in his church for 35 years.

To make it easier to add updates, the publication is in a three-ring binder. The text has been written in sections which allows the reader to easily insert new material.

A full name index, an ahnentafel table for the author, the will of Anneke Jans - dated January 29, 1663 and the information on the related families of Jansens - Jans, Holmes, Stilwell, Dey, Schofield, Hoyt, Jordan, Short, Haines, Peters, Pugsley and Treadwell creates a very interesting story to read.

"A Keirstead History" by David G. Keirstead - contact the Kings County Museum, 27 Centennial Road, Unit 3, Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada, E5N 6N3. Telephone 506 832-6009. E-mail

Query 999
Walsh - Holder: I am searching for information concerning my grandmother, Violet Walsh, who spent summers in the1890s or thereabouts, at the home of Gilbert Walsh at or near Long Reach. She was also acquainted with Mr. Ed Holder of that area. Any help would be greatly appreciated
-David Graham, 1343 Broadway, South Portland, Maine, USA, 04106. E-mail to

Query 1000
Ballanger - Estey - Seven Mile House: I am searching for information on a farm in Island View, just 7 miles north of Fredericton. James and Gertrude Ballanger received this property sometime after 1908. It was previously owned by the Estey family. At one time this was a thriving hotel called "The Seven Mile House".
-Debbie Greer, 408-18th Street, High River, AB, Canada, T1V 1W3. E-mail

Query 1001
Dalzell - Galbraith - Baird: I am searching for information on the siblings and parents of George Young Dalzell (1853-1921) who was born in Lorneville. He married Susie Galbraith (1856-1923). George was keeper of Swallow Tail Light, Grand Manan from 1893 to 1912. His death certificate states his father was William Dalzell, born in Ireland and his mother as Margaret Baird, born in Ireland.
-Denise Reynolds, 1322 Roseberry Cresc., Oakville, ON, Canada, L6M 1W1. E-mail to

Query 1002
Flanagan - McDonough. Christopher Flanagan (1765) and Honora McDonough (1786) came from Ireland to Saint John, New Brunswick about 1822 with three children. Their son Thomas was baptized at St. Malachy’’s Church in 1825. In 1830 the family moved to Stoneham, Quebec. I am interested in locating information on this family during their time spent in New Brunswick.
-Don Michaud, 361 Armstrong Street, Rosemere, Quebec, Canada, J7A 1V8. E-mail to

Query 1003
Strong - Bell: I am looking for any informationon on the family of Adam Robert Strong, born in Salmon Creek and Harriet Maud Bell, born in Waterford who were married 11 October 1906 in Sussex, New Brunswick. They had four boys, George, Cyril, Cecil and Ralph. During World War I, Adam Robert Strong married while in England. If there is any family still in New Brunswick, we would love to hear from you.
-Donna Carter, 119 Woodside Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba. E-mal

Query 1004
Caie - Trider: William Shand Caie was born in1814 in Scotland and was married to Isabella Trider. The Caie family moved to Canada about 1820. Wm Cai was a member of the House of Assembly, Kent County, New Brunswick 1865-1873. I am seeking the names of William's parents, siblings and his children.
-E-mail (This email address does not seem to be working. Would the sender of the query please contact me at so I can update the address.)

Query 1005
Christensen - Garnett - Connors - Watson: I am trying to locate information on the ancestors and relatives of Genevieve Christensen who was the wife of Matthew Garnett, and the daughter of Elizabeth J. Connors and Carl Christensen and the granddaughter of George Connors and Margaret Watson.
-Ann M Arsenault, 84 Cheyne Settlement Rd., Public Landing, NB, Canada, E5K 4M4. E-mail to

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