The Family Of James Smith

WANTED - Marco Polo Connections

He commenced the letter with the following words,
“To my dear son, James M.
Almost every boy or man, at some period of his life, desires to know something about who or what his ancestors were. And as I do not know of any one living who can give you any more information about my ancestors than I can, limited as it may be. I am now nearing the fourscore years of my pilgrimage and as my time cannot be certain very much longer, felt impressed that I should leave some record behind me that you may read when you become old enough to feel interested, should God spare you, as you are too young at present to understand what I might tell you.”
The information that was found by Vivian Wright on the family of James Smith has been placed on the website of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society at
Joan Pearce would like to document any connections to the Marco Polo, whether it be through relationship to the Smith Family or through the people who were involved in building and sailing the ship or the descendants of the folk who sailed as passengers to the Gold Fields of Australia and other places. Any and all information would be appreciated. You can contact her at
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