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'Fathers and Mothers' by Paul Dayton Kilburn

Gram and Tillie spent many hours discussing family connections. They had no problem remembering the names of all their relatives but it certainly sounded confusing to me. To add to my memory burden, they told me that each step back in generations, the number of grandparents doubled. Since I had four grandparents, I would have eight great grandparents and sixteen great great grandparents. WOW! This meant I needed to know the surnames of sixteen families for that generation.

In compiling the book, “Fathers and Mothers”, Paul Kilburn spent twenty-five years researching his ancestry, starting with his grandparents and tracing the families back as far as possible.

The first Kilburn to reach New Brunswick was Francis, a very young boy who came with his widowed mother, Mary, in the Loyalist Fleet of 1783, to the present day New Brunswick. Upon their arrival in this country, they made their home with  a Mr. Prosser at Nerepis. His father, Isaac Francis Kilburn, a member of the First Battalion of Pennsylvania Loyalists had been killed on the 8 May 1781 at Pensacola. Probably all Kilburns in New Brunswick come from this Francis

About 1804, Francis Kilburn married Mary McKeen. They lived in York County and were the parents of eleven children.

The author traced Mary McKeen’s ancestry back to the MacIain clan who lived near the town of Kilchoan, Scotland.

Mr. Kilburn’s other ancestors include:

Ralph Dayton, who was born circa 1588 in England and came to America in 1640 and first settled near New Haven. His descendants came to Kingsclear, York County and Samuel Dayton began a general store in St. Mary's, across the river from the Town Hall, and it is still being used.

Archelaus Hammond, a Planter from Nova Scotia, came to Kingsclear in 1799 with two of his sons, Simon and Lothrop.

Philip Hanselpacker, a soldier in the New Jersey Volunteers, obtained a grant of land of 200 acres near Grand Lake.

David McGibbon, a British Soldier in the Revolution, received his grant west of Douglas in 1784. He had come from Stirling, Scotland to conduct business in West Florida and got swept up in the war.

Andrew Joslin, a Loyalist with French, English and American roots settled in Prince William where he purchased several lots.  His son's house was moved when the dam was built and is now part of King's Landing.

Captain Andrew Newcomb,  a mariner from England, arrived in New England in the 1630s. His connection to New Brunswick is through a descendant, Jerusha Newcomb of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia who married Archelaus Hammond in 1762.

Information is also given on the families of Lothropp, Bulkeley, Cooke, Clarke, Graham,  Herrmeyer and Kutzer.

Fathers and Mothers” by Paul Dayton Kilburn holds more than 300 pages of rich details on the author’s family heritage, combining genealogy with history as well as correlating with the events of the time. It is illustrated with many hand-drawn maps, descendant charts, family crests, letters and photographs, not only of the people but also their castles, mansions, houses, farmhouses and other features. Important also is the meticulous documentation through the many endnotes. This publication is a masterpiece of research.

Fathers and Mothers” is available at the Gift Shop of the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, the Kings Landing Bookstore, and the UNB Bookstore in Fredericton. The book is also on CD.

Both the book and CD can be ordered  from Kilburn Press, 6695 Terry Court, Arvada, CO, USA, 80007-7693. E-mail
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Query 1043
Scribner - Clark:
Does anyone have information on Ezra Scribner, who was born in Saint John on 12 Feb 1807 and was married on 10 Mar 1831 in Queens County to Priscilla Clark, who was born 1 May 1812 in New Canaan.
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Cathline - Dunham:
I am trying to locate the burial sites of Mary Ann (Cathline) Dunham, who died 03 Oct 1851 and David Alston Dunham on 18 Mar 1845.
    -Ralph B. Cathline, 20 Brooks St. Apt 518, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4N 7X2. E-mail

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