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When we heard of the upcoming ‘How Many Beans In the Jar’ contest with a crisp new one dollar bill as the prize, Cliff had a great idea how we could win.

We searched the boxes in the cellar for a bottle of the same size and then filled it with beans from the pail in the back pantry. Next came the tedious task of counting the beans.

It is not necessary to count the individual records in the Search Bin at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website. I’ll tell you the answer. There are 570,751 individual vital statistics records waiting for you to access at the click of the mouse. The prize is the instant names of persons found in:
    * Late Registration of Births 1810 -1906

    * Index to Late Registration of Births: County Series 1869 - 1901

    * Index to County Birth Registers 1801 - 1899

    * Index to Provincial Registrations of Births 1900 - 1907

    * Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1887 - 1926

    * Index to Kent, Northumberland, Restigouche & Victoria County Death Registers
       1888 -1920

    * Index to Death Certificates 1920 -195
The Index to the Provincial Registrations of Births includes 20,000 digitized images of the 1900-1903 original birth records with more to be added.

By the way, there are another 500,000 records in other databases on the PANB site including Cemeteries, Revolutionary Soldiers records, the Irish Famine Migration and more.

I suggest you pay a visit to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website at and see how on April 25, 2003 searching the vital statistics records there has improved by being able to access the 570,751 vital statistics records each time the search button
is hit.

Query 1074
Chambers - Lynch:
In 1847, John and Anastasia (Lynch) Chambers were on a ship, possibly the 'Mary' on their way to Boston to join relatives, when due to an outbreak of Cholera, the ship was turned away and they came to Saint John, New Brunswick. They stayed here for a short time before making their way to Boston. Can anyone provide me with information on them during their time in New Brunswick.
    -Mary Ellen Chambers, 12700 Lake Ave.  # 513, Lakewood, Ohio, 44107, USA. E-mail
Maryln61@Aol.Com. Fax 216-227-9322.

Query 1075
Piercy - Smith:
John C. Smith and Mary A. Piercy, were married in Saint John at the Trinity
Anglican Church on 20 June 1845 by the Rev. Alexander Stewart. Witnesses were Richard Smith and Margaret Piercy.  John and Mary had a son, John C., born 01 January 1855.  Other children were Thomas, David and Margaret. The family moved to Boston sometime before 1880. The younger John moved on to Milford, New Hampshire and appears in the 1880 census there.  Mary Piercy's parents names were apparently William and Mary. Any information on the families would be greatly appreciated.
    -Shawn Smith, 26 Melendy Road, #52, Milford, NH. 03055, USA. E-mail

Query 1076
Hall - Estabrooks - Duncan
: I am interested in information on the Hall families who moved from Granville, Nova Scotia to New Brunswick - Thomas Harris Hall and Emma Kate Estabrooks, Stephen Sneden Hall and Havilah Hall Fellows, William Seymour Hall and Sophia Duncan, Frank Newman Hall, Zebina Hall and Elbridge Hall.
    -Wayne Morgan, Box 31, Annapolis Royal, NS, Canada, B0S 1A0. E-mail

Query 1077
Nixon - Nickerson - Cameron
:  Dorson Henry Nixon was born in 1889 and  married Bessie Mae Nickerson. His parents were possibly Joseph Henry Nixon and Catherine Eva Cameron. In the 1901 Census for the Wiggins Male Orphan Institution, there appears three Nixons - one of them being Rolston N. Nixon, born in 1889. Does anyone have information on the above Nixons?
    -Michael Scott, 5 West Boothby Crescent, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, T4C 1L1. E-mail

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