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Grampie had his own way of telling stories. Tonight the curl of the smoke from his pipe brought forth memories of the time two highway men who wore dark clothes, hard felt hats and black ties robbed a couple of establishments in Sussex. They wandered down to Norton, where they were recognized by Constable John Loughery hence they took off in a hurry along the railway tracks to Bloomfield. 

Constable Loughery, his son Delancy and Charles Sheck raced to Bloomfield to head off the pair.

They put their horses up at the Titus Hotel and proceeded to wait the arrival of the men.

Things didn’t go well in the capture. Young Charles Sheck, who was from the head of Millstream was wounded with a shot from the revolver.

The next night, two men, fitting the description of the highwaymen were seen crossing the nearby pasture of John Innis.

It has been many years since I sat spellbound listening to that story but thanks to David Henderson’s publication, “Kings County New Brunswick 1887 - 1910", I was able to read the details in an article that was taken from the Kings County Record of July 11, 1890  titled - “Robbers In Town”.

I also read with interest the item of 1903, when Mr. John McIntyre of Springfield turned eighty-five and was still able to do farm chores comparable to the work accomplished by a younger man. “He does not labour for the almighty dollar, but finds it a pleasure rather to wear out than to rust out.”  Personal details were given on his sons.

An interview in April of 1899 with George Langstroth who planned and built Dr. Ryan’s barn at Lakeside describes in detail "A Model Barn”.

Articles dealing with information on many of the settlements of Kings County have been included.

One of them being, Annidale, located 13 miles from Sussex with a large steam sawmill owned by Messrs. Leonard and McGregor. A lodge of the International Organization of Good Templars - I.O.G.T. had been organized prior to June of 1891.

Kiersteadville - August 4, 1905. Justice Gray is one of the oldest residents. Captain Norwood is the master of the steamer “Waring” which leaves Hatfield Point every Monday.

The obituary for James Marr on March 4, 1892 - the oldest resident on Jordan Mountain - gives the place of origin of his father, Alexander Marr, as Aberdeen, Scotland. James and his wife, Mary Ann Graham lived together on the mountain for 62 years.

David Henderson has compiled twenty-five publications of the collections of births, marriages, deaths and assorted articles of interest gleaned from various sources, in particular newspapers for the areas of, Wickham, Cambridge and Johnston in Queens County, Springfield and Norton Parishes of Kings County, Hatfield Point, Stewarton, Henderson Settlement, Tragedy on the Washademoak, Kings County 1887 - 1910 and Kings County Communities.

David’s publications can be viewed at the Kings County Museum in Hampton.


Query 1087   
I am seeking information on a Home Child named James (Jim) Webber, who in the early 1900's lived and worked on a farm at Hatfield Point until he was probably twelve years of age.
     -Christine Webber Little, 216 Gondola Point Road, Rothesay, NB, Canada, E2E-2A3. E-mail to dblittle@nbnet.nb.ca.
Query 1088
Middleton - Church - Best:
George S. Middleton was born 7 June 1846 in England, and immigrated to Canada in 1866. Possibly married twice. Second  marriage was to Lydia Florence Church, who was born in Havelock in 1864. He died around 1918 in Bloomfield. In 1920, Lydia remarried to Joseph Best.
    -Sherrie Wright, 137 Main St. #2, Belfast, Maine, 04915, USA. E-mail to curecf@prexar.com.

Query 1089
Slavin-Gallagher - Jones - Culliton - Meagher:
John Slavin married Catherine Gallagher in 1850  in Saint John. They moved to a farm near Woodstock by late 1850's and John died by 1861. Catherine remarried Robert Jones and was dead by 1870. The children were raised by Michael and Jane (Meagher) Culliton in Dumfries, York County..
    -Sharon MacDonald, 3913 Terry Place, Alexandria, VA, 22304, USA. E-mail sharon.macdonald2@verizon.net.

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