The Search for N.B. Civil War Veterans
and Their Graves

After driving the cattle to the night pasture, Cliff and I were taking a shortcut through the cemetery, when we noticed Dad talking to Gram's cousin Garfield, who appeared to be searching through the wild brambly rose bushes.

We inquired as to what he had lost?

Garfield smiled and replied, "I am trying to find the field stone markers for the graves of my Stackhouse relatives who I think are buried here."

The members of the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia American Civil War Re-enactors who represent Company I of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry, and Company C of 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, are searching for the burial sites of American Civil War veterans. Thousands of men and women travelled from Atlantic Canada to participate in this war from 1861 to 1865. To date, approximately 60 grave sites of Civil War Veterans in the Atlantic Provinces have been located, and information has been found on an additional 50.

Once the grave site is identified, a ceremony is held to honour each veteran, whether they are Union or Confederate.

On Aug 16, at 2 p.m. a ceremony will be held at Elmwood Cemetery in Moncton, to honour civil war veteran Millage B. Keith, who served in Company C, of the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, and George R. Proudfoot, who served in the 2nd US Light Artillery. Another ceremony on that day will be held at 11 a.m. in Rexton for Dr. Rufino DeOlloqui, who served as Assistant Surgeon for the 61st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

The Civil War Re-enactors group are requesting help in finding information on the date of birth, date of death and the location of the graves of the following New Brunswick Civil War Veterans.

Borden, Peter - died Feb 25, 1873, in Saint John, served in Co. E., 111th New York.

Burns, Daniel - a St Andrews resident, served in Co. D., 7th New Hampshire.

Casey, Dr. Kitson - died in New Brunswick.

Clark, Edwin F. S. - died in 1920, buried Maces Bay Cemetery.
(I have been advised he is buried in the Thomson Burial Ground in Dipper Harbour)

DeHart, Cornelius - died May 6, 1876, buried in Willow Grove, Saint John County.

Hutchinson, Jim - died at Back Bay, Charlotte County - possibly buried in a private family cemetery.

Knapp, Dr William - served as Asst. Srgn, 19th Mass., lived in Sackville after the war.

McKeown, Patrick - buried at St Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Saint John.

Munro, Hugh Charles F. - Welsford.

Quinn, Thomas - served in Co. F., 6th Maine, lived in Saint John.

Raymond, Samuel - died 1919 in Perth, was a POW at Andersonville Prison.

Stevenson, Andrew - Saint John, served Co. F., 5th Maine.

Sullivan, John - of Saint John, served Co. G., 9th Maine

There are hundreds of other veterans who either came home or stayed in the United States. Still there are those like William Henderson who were from the United States and moved to Atlantic Canada after the war. If you have any information on a Civil War Veteran of the Atlantic Provinces, please contact, Terry Middleton, 3 Prince Rd., Quispamsis, NB, Canada, E2E 1L3. Phone (506) 849-6433. E-mail to For more information visit the Web site at

By the way, the group chose Company I of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry due to the fact that a young man from Saint John, Alexander Lester, was killed in battle, during the famous defense of Little Round Top at Gettysburg, Pa., on July 2, 1863. His name is engraved on the 20th Maine monument at the battle site in Gettysburg.

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