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When Aunt Ethel returned from her motor trip to Boston, she handed me a small box. Inside I found a red pen nestled in blue velvet. I could hardly believe what she was telling me. It was not a straight pen that I would dip into my ink well nor was it a fountain pen that I filled with ink. It was a ball point pen that didn’t require any ink - the first one I had seen and you might say this revolutionized the writing process.

Lindsay Patten watched the way his mother worked with other people on her family lines and it seemed to him that genealogists were not really using computers to their full advantage so he wrote some programs to automate comparing databases. Then he placed the programs on a web site so users didn't have to install anything, they just needed a web browser.

Next he set up a project to transcribe the 1901 Census and thus AutomatedGenealogy dot com came to be. Five hundred registered volunteers chipped in for the common cause - erasing distance and letting widely scattered people work together - and in so doing have transcribed more than 800,000 lines.

At the present 78% of the 1901 census for New Brunswick has been transcribed and placed on this searchable database web site. It is available for viewing online without a fee.

Using the surname indices for the district and polling district levels, searches can be done by surname with included links to the pages the names appear on. Yet still available is the opportunity to walk along the road your ancestor lived, making note of the names of their neighbours. A click of the mouse and you have the digitized image page of the 1901 census  from the National Archives with complete census data.

A search of Kings County for the surname Pendergrass, found a family of four on page 2 of Springfield Parish. Nelson Pendergrass who was born June 10, 1875 is listed as the head of household and is unmarried, his mother Fanny is a widow born on February  25, 1840, his sister Hannah M. was born on February 15, 1867 and his unmarried brother Orman M. was born July 10, 1882. Their neighbours were the Ellisons and the Greenslades.

The link to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick  lists the birth at Mud Pond, Kings County of Orman Pendergrass as 10 Jul 1882 with parents John Pendergrass and Fannie Dyer and also a marriage for an Orman Pendergrass of Kings County to Carrie E. Spragg on 02 Oct. 1918. The link to the digitized page at the National Archives tells us they were all born in New Brunswick and were members of the Baptist Church.

Since census records for other provinces in Canada are being transcribed, a national surname index has been placed on the Automated Genealogy web site.

By combining volunteers, computer technology and the speed of the internet, the ability to quickly and easily view records has arrived.

To search the 1901 census, visit and click on the 1901 in the top right hand corner.

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I am interested in finding out where my grandfather James H. Walters was born in 1851. He died in 1909 and is buried in South Branch Baptist Cemetery.
     Carl Walters, 52 Bills Corners Rd., RR#6 Simcoe, Ont., N3Y 4K5.  E-mail

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