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Mum arrived home from a day of Christmas shopping laden with bags from MRA’s, Metropolitan, Woolworth’s and Duval’s. She had  a very tired look on her face.

Dad asked, “Did you find everything you went to get?”.

I thought she was going to burst into tears as she answered, “I searched and I searched but I could not find the crochet pattern book your mother wanted.”

Well now, if you are looking for a book to give to someone interested in New Brunswick genealogy or history, I suggest you visit the Gift Shop of the New Brunswick Museum in Market Square, Saint John, as there are some very interesting books on their shelves. I found more than one that I could suggest my family give me for Christmas.

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The Kings County Museum at Hampton, has several very interesting publications available.   The telephone number for the Kings County Museum is (506) 832-6009. Fax (506) 832-6409.  E-mail

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At the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Bonar Law-Bennett Building, 23 Dineen Drive - UNB Campus - Fredericton  you will discover a number of genealogy related books.

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There are several books for sale at  on history and genealogy of New Brunswick.

Since there are only about 23 days left until Christmas, I hope these suggestions may help in your search for a gift for the genealogy or history buff on your list.

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