Prominent People of New Brunswick
Ruby M. Cusack

  In 1937  the Biographical Society of Canada published "Prominent People of New Brunswick," a book I have found most useful.

The preface of the book states: "It is now 37 years since "Jack's Dictionary of New Brunswick Biography" appeared as one of several volumes, comprehending the whole of Canada. Since that day, however, many have risen to prominence in our provincial life. It is for this reason that a need has been felt for some time for a current reference book in which the names of those of some distinction in our community be recorded."

There are six categories of prominent people. People living in New Brunswick is the largest section. The other categories are: New Brunswickers living outside the province; People of the past; Educators and educationalists; Clergymen; and Women of New Brunswick.

Some folks mentioned from the Saint John area are:

Hon. Senator Walter E. Foster, born in St. Martins in 1874, son of Edward H. and Elizabeth (Pattison) Foster. He married Johan Mary Vassie, daughter of William Vassie on Jan. 18, 1900. He was premier of New Brunswick. He had one son and three daughters. In 1937 he was residing in Rothesay.

Hubert Vernon Armstrong was vice-president and director of Lewis Bro., Montreal. He was born at Saint John on Aug. 16, 1883, and was the son of Alice A. (Guptill) and George E. Armstrong. He married Minnie Browne of Saint John on Dec. 29, 1906. He had one daughter.

Agnes Douglas Campbell was born at Saint John on Sept. 26, 1865, the daughter of Robert and Jean Weir (Welsh) Milligan. Both Mr. and Mrs Milligan came from Scotland. She married G. Wilford Campbell in Dec. 1887. She had two sons and four daughters.

Rev Henry Emmerson Allaby, pastor, United Baptist Church, Woodstock, NB, was born at Bloomfield, Kings Co., on Oct. 25, 1891. He was the son of James Thomas and Augusta Maria Mutch Allany. He married Nina Dashily Hubley on Sept. 2, 1913. He had two sons and three daughters.

William Herbert Irvine, M.D., physician and surgeon, Fredericton, N. B. was born at Millidgeville, Saint John, on Feb. 2, 1871, son of William and Elizabeth (Manks) Irvine. He married Christian Sarah E. Fairley in 1900, and has one son and five daughters: Roberta Sarah, married to Kenneth Robinson McAdam of Fredericton; Doris Elizabeth married to Rowley Ottamer Trent of Saint John; Margaret Eames married to Stanley Taylor Douglas and resides at Toronto; Mary Elinor Fairley married to Kenneth Fowler Barbour of Saint John; Bettina Christian Fairley at home and William Herbert, married to Adrienne Amyot and resides at Ottawa. Dr. Irvine's thesis on Cardiovasology, a name of his own coinage, being most noteworthy. (Much information is given on his education and medical career).

If you have the good fortune to find a member of your family in this book, there are jewels and jewels of information. Facts given often include: birth date, parents, education, marriage, children, occupation and fraternal memberships.

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