The Story of Sussex and Vicinity
If you have Kings County roots,
you'll find gems in Grace Aiton's book
by Ruby M. Cusack
  Going to the Sussex Cattle Sale was always a highlight of her summer. She loved to watch the cows, calves, goats, pigs, horses and poultry go up for bid.  Outside the auction barn there were sure to be pups looking for a home.

 To her, Sussex also meant a taste of the eggwater on Church Avenue as well as a stop at the Sussex Ice Cream Store.

Today when Sussex is mentioned, grandchildren talk of the big hot air balloons - of many colours that float high in the sky.

Sussex sure has changed over the years.

If Grace Aiton were alive today, she would no doubt agree.

Grace Aiton was born in Sussex way back in 1888.  When she grew up, she devoted many years of her life to researching the events that had taken place in Sussex and the surrounding area. In her book, The Story of Sussex and Vicinity, she gives detailed information about the pioneers of Sussex Parish. She writes about the early life, the tide of immigration after 1800, church life, schools and education, various organizations, ways and means of travel and so much more.

The 25 pages on Church Life of Parish, Village and Town is my favourite chapter. It is filled with information that would be very difficult to ferret out.

Knowing the history of the area your ancestor lived in, is a necessary part of doing your genealogical homework.

If you have roots in the Sussex and outlying areas, you will find all kinds of treasures in Grace Aiton's book - THE HISTORY OF SUSSEX AND VICINITY.

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The Story of Sussex and Vicinity
A 145 page book on the history of Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick and the neighboring areas. The chapters are titled: 1) Pioneers of Sussex.  2) Biographical Notes on Pioneer Settlers. 3) Residents of Sussex Parish - 1790, 1800.  4) Early Life in Sussex Parish.   5) Tide of Immigration After 1800 - Loyalists, Butternut Ridge Settlers, Yorkshire Settlers, Scottish Immigration, English Immigration, Irish Immigration.  6) Building A Railway.  7) Ways, Means of Travel.  8) Church Life of Parish, Village, Town - Church of England, St. Mark’s Church, St. Paul’s Church in Londonderry, Reformed Episcopal Church (Free Church of England), Baptist Church, Wesleyan Society (Methodist Church), Presbyterian Church, Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Church of Covenanters, Roman Catholic Church, Salvation Army, Pentecostal Church.  9) Schools and Progress of Education.  10) Fraternal and Other Organizations.  11) Camp Sussex.  12) Era of Building.  13) Economic Progress. 14) Sussex, a Village and 15) Sussex Becomes an Incorporated Town. Some biographical information is provided on: Hugh Aiton; Joseph Anderson; Ozias Ansley; Oliver Arnold; John Asbell; John Barbarie; Joseph Baxter; Simon Baxter; Richard Bedell; Henry Belding; Azor Betts; John Brown; Daniel Bonnell; Robert Carlisle; William Cassidy; Isaac Caton; Henry Chapman; James Christie; Charles Clark; Samuel Cleaveland; Thomas Coates; John Conrad; John Cougle; Joel Daniels; Benjamin Darling; John Davis; Peter Dean; Joseph Dobson; Enoch Dole; Hugh Doyle; Michiel Dunfield; James Ennis; A C Evanson; James Fairchild; Samual Fairweather; Mathew Fenwick; Richard Finnemore; Joseph Folkins; Ezekiel Foster; Lewis Frazee; Simeon Friars; William Freeze; Christer Gaunce; John Gidney; Beamsley Glasier; Giles Goddard; Richard Gosline; William Graves; William Gregg; Joseph Hall; Samuel Hallett; John Haney; Benjamin Harned; Luke Harrison; John Hayes; George Hayward; William Hutchinson; John Jeffries; Samual Job; Nathaniel Johnson; Daniel Keith; William Kelly; James Kierstead; John King; James Knollin; John Leek; George Leonard; Henry Leonard; John Little; Peter Lyons; John McArthur; Alexander McCabb; Dennis McCarthy; Elizabeth; McCready; Samuel McCully; Donald McDonald; Daniel McLean; Daniel McLeod; William McLeod; Cornelius McMonagle; Robert McVey; Saundy Marr; Rev. John Martin; Robert Morrison; George Morton; Charles Murray; Michiel Nowlan; Robert Oldfield; Cornelius Parlee; Peter Parlee; John Patterson; Thomas Pearson; George Pitfield; William Prebble; John Pugsley; Jeremiah Regan; John Roach; Charles Robertson; Patrick Rogers; John Ryan; John Saunders; Robert Scott; William Secord; Robert Sharp; Christopher Sheck; Andrew A Sherwood; David Sinnott; James Smith; John Smith; Martin Snyder; Ebenezer Spicer; William Sprague; Walter Stewart; Richard Stockton; Peter Stover; Gilfred Studholme; William Teakles; Robert Vail; Allan Wager; John Ward; Richard Weldon and Henry Weyman. A great resource for anyone exploring Kings County, New Brunswick roots. First published in 1967 by the Kings County Historical Society. Soft cover binding, 145 pages 6 x 9.

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