Early Families Revisited

Families who settled in the southeastern area of New Brunswick

 My brother Cliff and I prided ourselves in knowing where every black-currant and gooseberry bush grew in our valley. We were also excellent climbers of crabapple trees.

August brings sweet memories of collecting these fruits for Gram. She made bottles and bottles of jams and jellies and placed them in her preserve cupboard. As kids we enjoyed opening the cupboard and choosing a bottle of jelly to spread on freshly baked bread

Gram's pleasure was derived from showing off to relatives and friends her many bottles of jams and jellies in the preserve cupboard.

A book called "Early Families Revisited" is a cupboard of jelly to delight any genealogist. It has a great variety of families ­ containing more than 300 family groups with the first generation of each family given.

The contributions in "Early Families Revisited" were made by members and friends of the Southeastern Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.

The intent of the publication is to give as accurate and complete information as possible concerning the families who settled in the southeastern area of New Brunswick.

Families do not stay rooted, therefore, one will find genealogical information on people with connections in many areas of the province. 

For information on ordering, Early Families Revisited, contact Ken Kanner at kenk@nbnet.nb.ca 

Queries have been grouped together to cover the year 1998 and can be viewed at Queries-1998

Ruby Cusack is a genealogy buff living in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Readers are invited to send their New Brunswick genealogical queries to Ruby at rmcusack@nbnet.nb.ca. When E-Mailing please put Yesteryear Families in the Subject line. Please include in the query, your name and postal address as someone reading the newspaper, may have information to share with you but not have access to E-mail. Queries should be no more than 45 words in length.

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