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Mum had received a letter at Christmas from a cousin with an inquiry as to the date and details of the death of a relative who had been killed many years ago in a train accident at Westfield. Thus Mum was on a hunt this evening to find some information. She removed chocolate boxes tied with ribbon from the drawers of the sideboard and placed their contents on the kitchen table. More than once, she remarked, that if she could only get to the cemetery in Hampton, she would be able to find the date of the death on the tombstone.

Family researchers often spend many hours wandering through cemeteries trying to locate gravestones with their genealogical information. This search could be time consuming and very frustrating.  Realizing the need for making cemetery inscriptions accessible, many individuals donated their transcriptions to archives and libraries. As the number of these lists accumulated a better way of indexing, organizing and accessing became necessary.

The Capital Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society set about gathering the data for the cemeteries of York and Sunbury Counties, creating a searchable database, and providing access on the internet. They approached the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick as a partner in the project.
Today, 99,220 records of 428 cemeteries of 12 counties of New Brunswick are available on the database at PANB at http://archives.gnb.ca/. The database is updated on an on-going basis, so check the 'Statistics' link for the latest information.

Searches can be done of the entire database by surname. A click on ‘Statistics’ will give you the lists of cemeteries for each county. Once you choose the cemetery you are interested in, a surname index is provided.

Of the 952 records of 116 family names in the St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery in Zealand, York County, I found 14 records for the Hughson name.

In the MacDonald's Corner Baptist Cemetery, Queens County, there were 30 family names with 104 records. Four individuals had the surname Briggs:  Elizabeth - 1859,  Elizabeth A. - 1849, Ephraim - 1863,  Rebekah R.  - 1852 and  Sarah - 1882. The details provided for marker 4 gave the information that  Ephraim Briggs was aged 71 when he died on Jul. 24, 1863,  Rebekah R. Briggs was aged 21 years when she died on Jan. 9, 1852 and was the daughter of Ephraim and Catherine, Elizabeth A. Briggs was 26 years old when she died on Jun. 2, 1849 and was also the daughter of Ephraim and Catherine Briggs. Marker 41 lists Elizabeth Briggs who died at age 60 years on Nov. 15, 1859 as the wife of William Straight.  Sarah Briggs on marker 14 was 57 years old when she died on Oct. 27, 1882 and was the wife of John Jones.

St. Agnes Roman Catholic Cemetery, Debec, Richmond Parish, Carleton County has 263 records of 73 family names with 21 for the surname Crabbe.

Searching the entire database for Sullivan, I found 135 records.

There are many cemeteries throughout New Brunswick that could be added to the database at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. If you have a list of transcriptions that you are willing to contribute or you are willing to volunteer to transcribe a cemetery, contact provincial.archives@gnb.ca.

The goal of having all New Brunswick cemeteries placed online can be reached with your help.

Query 1133
Hersey - Chase:
Leverett Hersey (1826 - after1860) and Catherine Chase were my great grandparents. He was in the 1860 census record of Bridgewater, Maine and his birthplace was possibly Woodstock, New Brunswick. Did he have brothers and sisters?
Richard C. Hersey,
P.O. Box 236, Willow,
Arkansa, 99688, USA.
E-mail  rhersey@matnet.com

(E-mail address keeps bouncing back)

Query 1134
Barry - Hussey - Crowley - Shea:
William Barry was born in Saint John in 1851, the son of David and Mary (Crowley) Barry. He moved to Boston in 1870 and in 1873 married Elizabeth Hussey (1855) also of Saint John, the daughter of James and Margaret (Shea) Hussey. Does anyone have information to share?
Ruth Marden,
POB 505, Bradford,
New Hampshire, 03221, USA.
E-mail rjmarden@mcttelecom.com

Query 1135
Estey - Fowler:
Seeking information on William Frederick Fowler of Fredericton who married Emily Estey. He was listed as a lumber dealer in the 1881 census.
Burton Keeble,
6750 SW Princess Ave., Beaverton,
Oregon, 97008, USA.
E-mail bkeeble@aracnet.com

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