Quickly, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen to see what Mum was doing.

A look of puzzlement came over her face, when I asked, “How come you are cooking pancakes instead of making ketchup?” “Last night, I overheard you tell Dad, you wanted to get up early this morning as it was going to be a ketchup day.”

She burst into laughter and replied, “Today is going to be catch-up day, that is a time to get caught up on all the chores that have piled up during the week and need to be completed.

This week’s column is going to be a time to catch-up on the many queries that have been piling up.
Query 1136
Locey - Andrus
Mary Jane Locey was born in New Brunswick circa 1808, married Palmer Andrus, and settled in Northumberland County, Ontario. A possible link may be to Jonas Losee who filed a land petition in Queens County in 1785.
Judy Penski
230 Orebed Road
Colton, New York
13625, USA.
E-mail penskihq-judy@northnet.org.

Query 1137
Sylvia, wife of George Edward Miles Humphries, died in Chance Harbour in January 1917. After her death, some of the children were placed in the Orphanage in Saint John. Can anyone provide information on her place of burial?
Wanda Finniemore
81 Centreton Rd.
Clifton Royal, New Brunswick
Canada, E5S 2E7.
E-mail wfinnie@nbnet.nb.ca.

Query 1138
Wishart - Savoy - Bowman:
Marie Gertrude Wishart was a part of the family of Thomas Wishart and Bridgett Savoy of Tabusintac. She married Wm. Bowman and moved to Winnipeg around 1945. I would like to hear from the families of any of the other descendants of Thomas and Bridgett Wishart.
Bonnie Polivka
# 302 - 1601 Barclay St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6G 1J9.
E-mail bpolivka@shaw.ca.

Query 1139   
Flewelling - Burgess - Cosman
I am working on a Family History involving the families of Flewelling, Burgess and Cosman of the counties of Kings and Queens of New Brunswick. Any information would be appreciated.
Ann Marie Flewelling
711-15 Woodridge Cres.,    
Nepean, Ontario
Canada, K2B 7T3.
Telephone 613-721-9370.

E-mail amflewelling@hotmail.com.      

Query 1140
Foster- Sherwood - Wallace:
John H. Foster was born in 1821 in Saint John and died in 1895 in Elk Grove, Minnesota, USA. In 1845, he married Mary L Sherwood, who was also born in New Brunswick. Their three children born in Saint John were, Mary L. (1850), George H. (1848) and an unknown child who died. After Mary’s death in 1852, he married Eliza Wallace. Two children, John Wallace (1854) and Arnetta B. (1855) were born in Saint John and three more children Charles B. (1857), Alice S. (1867) and William H. (1858) were born in Elk Grove. John H. Foster had at least one brother, Allen. Any information on the Foster, Sherwood and Wallace families would be appreciated.
Gayle Payne
223 Anita Way, Yuba City
California, 95993, USA.
E-mail payne10000@aol.com.

Query 1141
Lester- Stockton - Wiggins
The widow of Mordecai Lester fled with the Loyalist to New Brunswick. One daughter, Hannah married Andrew Hunter Stockton and another daughter married Samuel Wiggins. Information on her parents, siblings and children would be appreciated.
R Bourns
83 Mill Suite 104
Georgetown, Ontario
Canada, L7G 5E9.
E-mail to rebourns@hotmail.com.

Query 1142
Television series seeks help
: Body of Knowledge, a new television documentary series for Discovery Health, is searching for genealogists and people doing research into physical features in their family tree. The producers are looking for people who have done some research into facial features and ancestral “noses” for an episode about the NOSE.
D. Gabriel.
E-mail donnaroy@hfx.eastlink.ca.
Telephone 902-446-2292.

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