Seeking Information on the Kings County Communities of:

Titusville, Upham, Barnesville, Primrose, Ryan Settlement, Salina, Salt Springs, Passekeag Ridge, Mt. Prospect and Smithtown

Each season brought its own set of tasks to farmers. The end of March signified the arrival of the annual wood cutting time for the sawing of hardwood logs into firewood.

As daylight was breaking, Len’s dapple gray team hauled the woodcutter and the one-lunger gasoline engine that powered it, from farm to farm throughout the communities.

When the barn chores were completed, the men gathered to assist their neighbours in the wood cutting. It was a case of  "I'll help you and you can help me" and in so doing exchanged a day’s work.

The lady of the house arose early to prepare a hearty meal. At times it appeared to be a hidden contest of which lady in the community supplied the best food.

Although each noon hour brought a different kitchen table for the hungry mem to eat at, the conversation always seemed to get around to things that had happened in past years. Thus they not only shared a helping hand to their neighbour but also many stories and memories; as well they probably had a glimpse at some of the photos kept in the households.

For quite some time, in order to preserve the rich history of the area, I have been gathering genealogical and historical information on the families and the communities of Titusville, Upham, Barnesville, Primrose, Ryan Settlement, Salina, Salt Springs, Passekeag Ridge, Mt. Prospect, Smithtown and surrounding areas. I am interested in getting copies of any type of memorabilia, readers might have on the above communities, such as photographs of houses, farming life, lumbering, mills, transportation, church gatherings, school classes, buildings, St. Martins Train as well as family photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, school registers, diaries, genealogies, family stories and the memories of events in the days of yesteryear. All originals will be returned. Losing ones treasured items is often a concern, thus if you live in the Saint John area of New Brunswick, I can arrange to come to your home to make copies.
Ruby M. Cusack. E-mail to

On Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. the New Brunswick Museum, 277 Douglas Avenue, Saint John, New Brunswick is offering a free genealogical information session which introduces researchers to the resources that are available at their Archives and Research Library for genealogical research. The bonuses are that a tour of the archival storage area is included and researchers can stay after the session, if they wish, to do research and will have the help of the staff there. Pre-registration is required. Phone (506) 643-2300.

Helping our neighbour certainly plays a major role in genealogy. The website of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society at has a section titled ‘Members Surname Interests’ - a list of family names being researched, by their members. Another topic of interest is the Genealogical Fairs that are to be held in 2004.

The website of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society at has information on their meetings and programs, some ship passenger lists, an index to cemeteries published in Generations - the publication of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, content index of Generations since Summer 2001 issue and the 1840 record of Lunatics in the Temporary Asylum in the City and Parish of Saint John giving information as to age and place of nativity.

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Query 1148
Clarke - Goodwin - Pierce:
Robert Douglas Clarke (1857-1952) married Mary Alice Goodwin. Their children: Alan Douglas, Lewis Harper (1897), Edward Fillis (1898) married Grace Opal Pierce, Gordon Robert (1900) and Russel DeMolitor (1902) were born in Saint John. I am looking for living descendants of these people to whom I am related.
Bruce Clarke
152 Wedgewood Dr.,
Williamsville, NY
14221, USA.

Query 1149
Appleby - Morrell - Figg:
John Appleby and Elizabeth Morrell’s, daughter, Lillian, married William Henry Figg. I am interested in finding information on the Appleby and Morrell families.
Deborah M. Dyer
26 Hancock St.
Bar Harbor, Maine
04609, USA.

Query 1150
I am interested in any information on the family of Thomas Kirk, born in 1838, son of John and Martha Kirk (both from Ireland). In 1881 Thomas lived with wife Sarah and seven children in Westfield, Kings, New Brunswick. Thomas’ siblings lived in Westfield and Saint John.
L. Smith
9446 Kempergrove Ln.
Loveland, Ohio
45140, USA.


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