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Supplement on St. Stephen and Milltown in St. John Daily Sun on Wednesday, April 6, 1892

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Cousin Willy, who lived in St. Stephen often visited Mum. Usually she knew when he was coming and would greet him at the door, wearing a new apron and the house would be spotlessly clean. But today he made an unexpected visit. He opened the kitchen door to find her down on her hands and knees, with the scrub brush in one hand and a bar of yellow Surprise soap in the other.

He held out the package he was carrying and remarked, “Maybe I should have brought you a case of soap instead of this box of Ganong’s chocolates?”
I knew that chocolates were made in St. Stephen but I didn’t know that Mum’s all purpose cleaner was also manufactured there.

Last week as I was viewing the microfilm of the St. John Daily Sun of April 6, 1892, that included an eight page supplement devoted to St. Stephen and Milltown, the advertisement for Surprise soap brought many memories of home rushing to me.

In addition to the many ads and excellent photos of local businesses, churches, public buildings, residences and local business men such as Fred Waterson, Henry Webber, J. R. Sederquest, I found lots of interesting tidbits of news of a historical nature.

If you are interested in the births, marriages and deaths that were published in the Saint Croix Courier from 14 October 1865 to 11 April 1957, you will find a four volume index in the Saint John Free Public Library and the St. Stephen Library that was compiled by Melvin Chase of New Hampshire.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the gold mine of links that are provided for Charlotte County by just clicking on the red ‘County of Charlotte’ on the ‘New Brunswick’ map on the NB Gen Links website at You will  find information on births, baptisms, marriages, cemeteries, census records, deaths, obituaries, burial records, voter lists, school records, letters, photos and much more - all arranged by parishes

By the way, while at NB Gen Links website, I suggest you spend some time checking out the many links to genealogical material that are provided for all areas of New Brunswick and farther afield.
The Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society will be holding their meeting on Wednesday, May 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lions Den of the Loch Lomond Villa. The topic will be Love and Marriage in Our Family Tree with information on marriage bonds, marriage certificates, marriage records prior to 1888 and what genealogical information they may hold. If you have a story to tell, a picture to show, or something from a wedding to bring to the meeting, please do so. Visitors welcome.


Query 1166
Titus - Vail: Lauretta Titus was five years old and living in the home of John and Elvira Titus of Titusville, Hampton Parish, Kings County in the 1881 census. In 1896 she married Gilbert Vail, son of William and Eunice Vail. In the 1901 census, she is living in Halifax. Her death occurred in 1916 in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. After Lauretta’s death, her daughter Dorothy Vail attended the Keirsteadville School from 1917 to 1921. Can anyone provide me with information on Lauretta Titus Vail or with whom her daughter, Dorothy Vail, lived in Keirsteadville after her mother’s death?
Meridel Robidoux
248 de la Butte
G3A 1W7

Query 1167
Handren – Hanrahan. I am trying to document the relationship between these men - William Handren born 1781 in Saint John, Henry Hanrahan born 1792 in Nova Scotia and John Hanrahan born in 1790. Who were their parents and siblings? Henry’s father (name unknown) was murdered in Nova Scotia (early 1800’s?) and this left his mother to raise the 4 boys.  She was a member of the Loudoun Clan/Branch of the Campbells in Scotland before moving to Nova Scotia.   Henry married Julie Tabor. His son Henry married a Susan Tabor. William wound up in Massachusetts, married once in 1809 and had 11 children. Henry stayed in St. Martins married 3 times and had 7 or possibly 8 children. On the 1827 land petition, John was married with 6 children.
Lori Handren

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