Genealogy Fair - Saint John
September 18, 2004

There really was no need for Mum to write in big bold letters FAIR on the September 18 date on the calendar as a reminder. It seemed each member of the family had a particular reason for wanting to attend. Cliff and I were looking forward to the games we could play for a nickel. Dad was anxious to see the trays of vegetables. All Mum could talk about was the different kinds of jams, jellies and pickles that would be lined up on the tables. Gramp was interested in the showing of the Ayreshire cattle, while Gram and Sadie looked forward to the crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing handwork that would be on display.

I hope all the folk who have been thinking of getting started researching their family history, as well as those who have already worked on their genealogical research will mark Saturday, September 18 on the calendar with the words GEN FAIR, as this is the day a Genealogy Fair, sponsored by the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, will be held from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Millidgeville North School, Boar's Head Road in Saint John. No admission will be charged and no registration is needed.

If you are wondering what could be at the Genealogy Fair that would assist you in your research or help you get started, read on.

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick will have many reference books, such as census records, cemetery records and vital statistics from newspapers. A demonstration will be given on how to access their website with a click of the mouse. This is a great opportunity to learn about the 1,235,096 records that are online.

Copies of the 1862 Walling Map of Saint John and Kings County as well as other maps will be on display and available for purchasing.

There will be French connections back 15 generations in France with Canadian beginnings at Port Royal.

The family trees of some of the people of Maces Bay, Chance Harbour and Dipper Harbour will be on display.

Lots of interesting facts can be found in the database of Kings County Land Registers to 1835.

You will also find information on families connected to the early
settlement at the Fort LaTour as well as families with links to the
Marco Polo.

At the New Brunswick Turnbull Chapter of Canadian Aviation Historical Society table, you will find facts on early aviators of New Brunswick. If you happen to have an aviator in your family, bring along your information.

PRUDE will be in attendance with information on cemeteries in Willow Grove and Elm Hill and would be pleased to receive any facts you might have on individuals buried there

If you happen to have a Civil War veteran in your family tree, members of the Civil War Re-enactors, Company I of the 20th Maine will be on hand, in uniform. This group is seeking information on the grave sites of the veterans.

If you are interested in beginning to trace your family, pay a visit to the “How to get started on your family tree” section. There will be three sessions, 11:10-11:40 Researching in the Saint John area by Ruby Cusack, 12:00-12:30 Researching in the Annapolis area of Nova Scotia by George Sabean, and at 1:00-1:30 Researching in Prince Edward Island by David Fraser.

There will be a variety of genealogy books for sale, including the newly released, “Old North Esk on the Miramichi” by W. D. Hamilton, “Bloomfield Remembered” by David Keirstead, and “Greer Descendants from Ireland to St. Martins and Beyond” by Newman Greer.

At 11:00 a.m. Graeme Somerville will be having a book signing of his newly published “The Tabor Papers”.

Space does not permit me to tell you about all the displays, reference books, and the people who will be at the tables to answer your questions and to share their information.

I suggest you bring your pen and paper as well as your family research notes. This Gen Fair is a golden opportunity to view the produce of the genealogy gardens that will be on display.

There is limited space available on a first come, first serve basis, if anyone would like to reserve a table. Contact: Joan Pearce 652-1551 or

By the way, please take a moment to drop by my table to chat, as well as take a look at some photos from the days of yesteryear when Cliff and I were kids.

Query 1206
Cameron - Jardine: Mary Cameron of Glenelg, New Brunswick (1828 - 1905), married George K. Jardine (1828 - 1912)  on 09 February 1854, in Chatham, New Brunswick. I am interested in finding out the names of Mary's parents and siblings and their place of origin. George K. Jardine is buried at St. Stephen's Cemetery in Chatham.      
14 Aberdeen Avenue, Saint John
NB, Canada

Query 1207
Smith - Folkins: I am looking for information on Joseph Richard Smith, who married Sara Elizabeth Folkins on 4 August 1851in Studholm Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick. Any information about him or his parents would be appreciated.
287 W. Sabal Palm Place
Longwood, Florida
32779-6056, USA

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