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I think teachers worked overtime, trying to come up with ideas to give us extra homework for every holiday occasion. Since Thanksgiving was fast approaching, our assignment tonight was to write a list of the things we were thankful for and why.

First on my list was that I had such a good mother who always gave me lots of love and cooked great meals.

The folk who are researching their ancestors in Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada could easily make a list of some of the people they are thankful for due to their gifts to the Kings County Museum.

Muriel (Smith) Sweeney, when in her mid-90s, generously donated her complete genealogy collection of the work that she compiled over the period of her life which has proven to be a valuable addition to the archival research material at the Museum. Names included in Muriel's research from the Smithtown, French Village, Upham, Hampton and other areas include: Baxter, Bell, Beyea, Blair, Bull, Case, Curry, DeBow, Fowler, Hill, Jenks, O'dell, Pickel, Ruland, Sherwood, Smith, Tabor, Wanamaker, Wetmore and many other connected families. Each volume of research is meticulously indexed.
Another volunteer donor of extensive research material to the Kings County Museum archives is Ernest Friars. He has for many years added to the genealogy, cemetery listings and general information in their files. He also has made regular contributions to the Historical Society newsletters.
Arthur Keith donated the transcribed student register lists of Springfield Parish schools which assist in pinpointing the location of families at various times.
David Keirstead gave his research material from his latest book "Bloomfield Remembered". Other books compiled by him and donated include, "Reflections - the Story of Hampton", "A Titus History" and "A Keirstead History".  You will also find several of his 3-ring binders such as "Hats and Coats - the History of Central Norton United Baptist Church", History of Bloomfield - volumes 1 and 2 and Kings County Covered Bridges - volumes 1 and 2. There are many other donations from David, all of which are a great aid to researchers.
Kathy Cormier developed and maintains the website for Kings County Museum at where you will find the index she compiled for "The Story of Sussex and Vicinity"  and "Reflections - the Story of Hampton" as well as the Registration of Deaths 1888 - 1919 for Kings County.  She also donated her 1901 Census transcriptions for the Parishes of Springfield, Upham, Norton, Hampton, Rothesay and Hammond.
Although the Kings County Museum in Hampton is closed until June 15, visits can be arranged by appointment. Telephone 832-6009 or e-mail

Query 1211
Saint John - Lower Cove Pictures: I am searching for pictures of  businesses, particularly the Gas Works on Carmarthen Street, stores, churches, schools, military parades in the 1940's or any other pictures depicting life in the City's South End - Lower Cove of Saint John, New Brunswick that I might incorporate into an  upcoming publication on this area.
DOUG MURPHY, Saint John, New Brunswick.  E-mail

Query 1212
Chettis: John Chettis, a millwright came to St Andrews with family circa 1784 to cut trees for masts for His Majesty's ships. His daughter Elizabeth Jane was born in 1784. After John’s death in 1785, his wife went back to England and  Elizabeth Jane Chettis was cared for by Indians and later given to the Bailey family in Maine. She married Moses Bonney in 1801 in Maine. I am seeking information on the Chettis family.
3907 N. Sean Terrace
Hernando, Florida
34442, USA

Query 1213
Erb - Ganong: Catherine Erb of Kingston Parish and William Ganong of Springfield Parish were married 30 Dec.1847. In the 1881 census they were living in Studholm Parish, Kings County. I am looking for their place of burial and date of death.
PO Box 602
Bristol, NH
03222, USA

Query 1214
VanBuskirk - Lightfoot: Daniel Albert VanBuskirk was born in 1856 in Butternut Ridge and died in 1950 in Moncton. He married Susan Rebecca Lightfoot in 1892. I need information on his parents and siblings.
72 Anna Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Canada, K1Z 7T4

Query 1215
Hopps - Bradford: The Hopps family who lived in Charlotte County, New Brunswick are descendants of William Bradford of the Mayflower and the Loyalist Benjamin Bradford, through Martha Bradford who married John Hopps before 1810. She died in 1868. Several of her children moved to the United States, except Cornelius Hopps who stayed in Charlotte County and died there on 26 Sep. 1903. His son Herman Bradford Hopps died in St. Stephen on 26 Sep. 1973. I am interested in locating the descendants of Cornelius Hopps.
803 N. Oakwood Street
Rossville, Georgia
30741, USA
Telephone - (706)  861-6185

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