The Maxwell Family of Saugus

Including the related families of Caie, Stevens and McIntyre

by Samuel Leslie Maxwell - 2004 

If anyone in the family got really sick, a call was made to Doc Snow who would arrive in his sports car with a St. Bernard dog riding in the back seat.

As Cliff and I listened to the discussion that was taking place among Gram, Tillie and their cousin Martha, we couldn’t figure out why they would think it necessary to get another doctor by the name of
Doc U. Mentashun to help them in figuring out the relationship between two of their ancestors who were long dead. Charles Robertson was born in Perthshire Scotland, came to the area in the early 1800's and was buried in Titus Hill Cemetery. James Robertson was born in  Glasgow, Scotland, came to New Brunswick in 1820, lived in a nearby community and was buried in a lot very handy to Charles Robertson. The ladies felt they needed  Doc. U. Mentashun to help them straighten out this relationship tangle.

Sam Maxwell needed
documentation concerning the relationship of  the people buried in Lot Number 437, Ruder Path, Fernhill Cemetery in Saint John, New Brunswick.

John Maxwell
aged 76 died May 18, 1888 (A Great-great grandfather to Sam Maxwell)
Jane Maxwell
(His Wife) aged 72 died April 11, 1891
Robert Maxwell
(Their son) aged 43, died Oct 6, 1888
Maria  Maxwell
(Their daughter) aged 40 died Nov 1, 1892

Now here is the mystery
. In the same lot (Lot Number 437, Ruder Path, Fernhill Cemetery) the following five people are buried but no documentation has been located as yet to link them to the people listed above who are relatives of Sam Maxwell. (Hopefuly someone may have information.)

1) Robert Maxwell
aged 56, died Aug 6, 1854 of Cholera. He was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland. It  has been determined, that Robert Maxwell left a young daughter,
Susan Ann Maxwell, from his first marriage, who married James Crockett in 1866
2) Mary Maxwell
aged 50 (Widow of Robert) died Feb 6, 1855
3) Margaret Jane Maxwell
aged 17, died Aug 13, 1854 of Cholera
4) Margaret Maxwell
aged 17 died Oct 15, 1857 - The 2nd daughter of John? Leitch?
5) Margaret Donaldson Leitch
aged 81 died Aug. 23, 1867 - Wife of John Leech.

If this was not confusing enough, Sam found that his Great-great grandfather John Maxwell, who had married Jane Johnston in Derryville Parish, Ireland in 1834, raised his six children on Main and Portland Street, in the present day north end of Saint John, New Brunswick and built a three-story home there with his shoemaking shop on the ground floor. In the same block lived the Crocketts and one of their family members married Susan Ann Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell. Around the corner lived the McIntyres whose daughter Jane married William J. Maxwell and they became Sam’s great grandparents.

Finally Sam Maxwell decided to let the hunt rest and concentrated on the family of his ancestor John Maxwell. The results were amazing and led to his publishing the more than 200 page, “
The Maxwell Family of Saugus” - A Genealogical and Historical Reference including the Related Families of: Caie, Stevens and McIntyre.

The author is descended from the Caie family by virtue of his grandmother, Helen Malcolm Cooke  (Caie) Maxwell. Her picture graces the cover of his book. He traces the Caie family from 1770 Scotland to present, via New Brunswick and includes much historical text of family members and includes photos of family members. A special chapter is devoted to Robert Shand Caie and his life in Nova Scotia.

Sam states “It is the most comprehensive study of the Caie family published to his knowledge and a welcome addition to the family bookshelf.”

Since he spent much of his childhood in Freeport and Westport, Nova Scotia, the tracing of his William Stevens, who arrived in Halifax circa 1760 as a British soldier and his descendants who settled in Digby County was a very pleasant task for him.

The dozens of family members photos and places, plus incidents and stories put faces on
the people discussed in The Maxwell Family of Saugus and in so doing brings the memories alive.

* * *
Query 1229
Taylor - Smith - Phillips:
Can anyone provide me with information on the parents and origin of Thomas Taylor who married Sarah Smith in Shediac in 1825 and had a son LeBaron Taylor who married Elizabeth Phillips of Cumberland Bay in 1861?
5550 Route 880
Dobson's Corner, Havelock
NB, Canada, E4Z 4B7

Query 1230

Allaby - Godsoe:
Isaac Allaby was a Loyalist from New Jersey, who came to Saint John in 1783 and was still there in 1793. He joined King's New Brunswick Regiment in West Isles, Deer Island in 1812. His son Isaac married in Burton in 1815 and his daughter Hanna married Wm.Godsoe in 1814 in Saint John. Seeking information on his spouse and death.
6749 Zion Lane
Watford, Ontario
Canada, N0M 2S0

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