Moncton’s Catholic Roots

An illustrated history of St. Bernard’s Church by Leo J. Hynes

s Cliff and I waited by the car for the rest of the family to emerge from the house to go to the Kirk, we heard the faint ringing of the bell from St. Peter’s Church in Upham. As the sound drifted down the valley, it seemed to be summoning the parishioners to worship, as it had since 1899.

In April of 1900, the bell for St. Bernard’s Church in Moncton, was blessed  before it was put in the belfry for its first ringing on Easter Sunday. Its purchase price was $1,305 and the special collection at its blessing amounted to $1,116.50. The cost of the carpenters for its hanging was $42.00.

When the worshipers arrived at the church for the blessing or the ‘baptism’ of the bell, they found it had been placed before the altar rail and adorned with flowers, the Union Jack, the Harp and Shamrock, and the flag of Acadia.

Father Meahan first washed the bell with water previously blessed. Psalms of praise were then recited, followed by the pastor marking the “Sign of the Cross” on the bell with holy oil, seven on the outside and four on the inside. Toward the conclusion of the rite, incense was place into a thurible, which was placed under the bell so that its fragrant smoke would ascend into it, and, spread into the entire church.

Following the “Rite of Blessing”, father Meahan requested Moncton’s Mayor Sumner deliver the first stroke. After which hundreds of those present stepped forward in turn and enjoyed a like privilege.

The corner stone for this church was laid in 1888, at which time an offering in upwards of $400.00 had been placed on it by the people, irrespective of creed.  The trowel with which the Bishop laid the corner stone was offered for auction and the highest bidder was Conductor Watts for the sum of $19.00.  Within the walls of the uncompleted building, a coffee party was held in October, and the $1,170 raised helped with the construction price of $40,000.

An opening Mass was held on the morning of 1 November 1891. In the afternoon, a baptismal service took place for Wiliam Walsh, born 27th day of September 1891, of the lawful marriage of Thoms Walsh and Mary Stewart with sponsors Charles Keenean and Mrs. D. O’Neill.

Father Leo J. Hynes, the son of James Hynes and Ellen Breau was baptized in St. Bernard’s Church, where his parents had been married. His  grandparents, Andrew and Ellen (Casey) Breau were the godparents. In 1973, he became the pastor of this church. His close association with St. Bernard’s prompted his writing its colourful history to commemorate the centennial year of its becoming a parish in 1882 and to reveal something of Moncton’s rich Catholic heritage.

In his 240 page book, ‘Moncton’s Catholic Roots’ - An illustrated history of St. Bernard’s Church, Father Leo J. Hynes traces the arrival of the German peasants in June of 1776 from Pennslyvania and their possible discovery of the ruins of the log chapel and the charred homes built by the Acadians to the year of 1982, when the Mother Church of Moncton’s Roman Catholics celebrated its Centenary.

This is a book filled with facts on not only the clergy and the changes that have taken place in Moncton’s Catholic Roots but the people involved and in so doing Father Hynes left a legacy for the family researcher.

Moncton’s Catholic Roots - An illustrated history of St. Bernard’s Church” by Leo J. Hynes is available for viewing at several research institutions.


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