Christmas Shopping For The Family Researcher

Mum decided in mid November that the easiest way to get her Christmas shopping completed really early this year was to spend time looking through the Eaton’s catalogue and then send off a C O D order.  But when the parcel arrived, I thought she was going to burst into tears. The blue sweater for Gram turned out to be bright red, which just wouldn’t do.  The owl cookie jar for Aunt Ethel had been changed to a cat one and she absolutely hated cats, so that had to be returned. Cliff’s windup bulldozer and Ken’s model airplane kit had been marked with an “Out of Stock” stamp.  Even the red and black mackinaw jacket for Dad had been substituted for a blue and black one.

Poor Mum sat down in the rocking chair and held her head in her hands and lamented, “Now what can I get with only eleven days left until Christmas?”

If you are lamenting as to the presents you might buy for the Family Researcher on your list, I have some suggestions.

The website for the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick  has some very interesting publications for sale - Bonar Law - Bennett Building, 23 Dineen Drive, UNB Campus in Fredericton.

At, the website of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, more books are just waiting to be purchased for the stocking of the genealogy buff. To name a few,

The Gift Shop of the New Brunswick Museum in Market Square, Saint John has a very good selection of New Brunswick books.

Fort Havoc, the website of R. Wallace Hale, at has the details for ordering CDs on the Province of New Brunswick Probate Records of 1785 to 1835, and the History of New York During the Revolutionary War plus others. He can be contacted at 111 Victoria Street, Woodstock, N.B., Canada, E7M 3A4. E-mail

The Kings County Museum in Hampton has several publications listed for sale on their website at Although the museum is closed for the season, phone messages that are left at 832-6009 will be answered as well as e-mails to

Several books are available at

James Greer of County Armagh arrived in 1836 with his wife and family.  Lots of information can be found in the 95 page publication, “Greer Descendants From Ireland to St. Martins and Beyond” that was published in 2004. It can be purchased from the author, Newman Greer, 291 Gondola Point Road, Rothesay, New Brunswick, E2E 1Z8.

The gift that lasts all year would be a Membership in the New Brunswick Genealogical Society which includes four issues of the publication, Generations. Website is Postal Address, P. O. Box 3235, Station B, Fredericton, NB, Canada, E3A 5G9.  

My grandchildren probably dream of finding candy and toys in their stocking. But I, along with many other family researchers, dream of waking on Christmas morning to find “books” waiting to be unwrapped.  It really doesn’t matter if it is one that is currently in print or one with a tattered cover, as long as it holds genealogical and historical information that can add to the family tree and
in so doing help me to better understand the life and times of my ancestors.
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Gartley - McElwain - Prescott: I am seeking information on David McElwain and his first wife Margaret (maiden name unknown) who died 04 Nov 1865. I am also seeking information about his second wife Emily Gartley, born 16 July 1847.  Their son John McElwain, who was born in1868 married Frances Prescott, born in1868, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Prescott.  John and "Fannie" McElwain moved from York County, New Brunswick to Caribou Maine in about 1903.
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New and Used Genealogical and Historical books of New Brunswick for sale.
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