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The Descendants of John Parkhill & Sarah Mulhern

by Keith N. MacCollum

Cliff and I had been waiting for weeks for coasting conditions to be just perfect. Tonight was the night! The full moon was shining and the snow was really crusty, which meant for a fast ride down the hill.

In my rush to go first, caution was thrown to the wind. I jumped on the ski-runner sled and flew down the hill. I had forgotten about the barbed wire fence that was hardly visible until it was too late. I tried to roll off but the sled wouldn’t stop. I heard the ripping of the seat of my snow pants and felt the pain of the barbs digging into my flesh as the sled went under the fence.

With much howling and tears rolling down my face, I made it to the house, only to be greeted by Ken who was laughing his head off. To make matters worse, he said my accident would probably be in the community news of next week’s issue of the Kings County Record.

When Jack MacCollum met with an accident that broke his elbow in 1903, while riding his bike from Chipman to Newcastle, it was reported in the Kings County Record.  The item stated, “He was going at a  fifteen mile rate when he endeavored to stop by putting his toe on the front wheel. He pressed a little too hard and upended his bike throwing him about eight feet in the air.”

This is one of the stories, Keith MacCollum unearthed when researching for material for his book on the Descendants of John Parkhill and Sarah Mulhern.

The Daily Telegraph of April 20, 1892 provided him with the obituary for John Parkhill which stated he had died at Red Bank, Chipman, New Brunswick on April 2 at age 87 years, a native of Ireland. Sarah Mulhern’s death was in the Oct 13, 1896 issue of the Daily Telegraph giving her birthplace as Donegal, Ireland.

Five of their children lived to adulthood and resided in the Chipman area. Elizabeth married Joseph Ray in 1860. Sarah Jane married John McKinney. James Parkhill married Catherine Darrah. Rebecca Parkhill married Samuel D. Stratton in 1866. John F. Parkhill married Emma Jane Watters in 1874.

From the Daily Telegraph dated July 4, 1894, “John Parkhill and his brother James, met with a strange adventure a few days ago, as they were returning homeward from a few days cruising in the woods. In the interim between going and coming, some of the boys strung a wire across the road, tied on each side to trees, just high enough for their horse to pass under, but the occupants of the carriage did not fare so well. The horse was going at a lively gait and the Parkhills’s lacerated necks bear testimony that the collision they ran that night was not a laughing matter.”                                                                                                                                                               

Keith N. MacCollum has traced many of the offspring to the present day in his compilation of the 119 page book of “The Descendants of John Parkhill and Sarah Mulhern”, which includes a full name index.

The book is available for viewing at the Chipman Library, New Brunswick, Canada. Copies can be purchased from Keith N. MacCollum, 3417 Route 127, Bayside, NB, Canada, E5B 2S7.  E-mail Telephone 506 529-3830.

Query 1263
Taplin - Jones: William (Willie) Taplin married Elizabeth Jones in Fredericton Junction on 7 Nov. 1913. Willie had a flower Shop in Saint John about 1920. Looking for descendants of this couple.
RR2, Amherst, N.S.
Canada, B4H 3X9

Query 1264
Evans: Searching for information concerning Benjamin Evans age 45, Sophia age 33 and their children Benjamin age 11, Eric age 10, James age 9 and Glenis age 7, who emigrated to Saint John, New Brunswick on the ship Montrose on 1 Apr. 1928.
34 Fallsview Ave.
Saint John, NB
Canada, E2K 1C2

Query 1265
Robinson - Macpherson: Maple Grove, New Brunswick. John Robinson  married Mary Macpherson, the daughter of a Colonel James Macpherson in the mid 1800s. They had at least two daughters, Rose Robinson-Dickie and Nan Macpherson Smith. I am interested in any information on the families.
1377 Deeridge Lane
Coquitlam, BC
Canada, V3E 1Y7
Query 1266         
Deignan: Looking for John Deignan, who possibly was in the Canadian Military in 1845 when he married in Houlton Maine as his occupation was given as soldier.
2103 N Lafayette
Bremerton, WA
98312, USA

Query 1267
Weyman: Henry Weyman (Wayman) age 9 came to New Brunswick with widowed mother Patience Chapman with Loyalists in 1783, settled in Sussex, married Eliza(beth) Foster, died 1807 near Apohaqui. I am looking for birthplace, burial info of Henry (and parents), to trace link back to USA. Patience married Henry Wayman in 1763 in Mansfield, Burlington Co. NJ and remarried in 1788, to David Bloomfield in Kingsclear, York Co. NB.
9044 SW 62nd Terrace
Miami, FL
33173, USA

Query 1268
Dow - Brown - Norton: Enoch Dow, born 7  Dec. 1744 in Methuen, Essex Co., Massachusetts, the son of David Dow and  Mary Brown, married Ruth Norton before 1770. Can anyone connect her or her parents to New Brunswick?
PO Box 394
Bradford, NH
03221, USA,

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