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Since the homework project assignment of making a map of New Brunswick was worth 20% of the final Geography mark, I set out to do a really great job.  First I marked off the map in the text book into little squares. Then I drew squares on a piece of plywood so I could draw an accurate map. I did a lot of erasing and finally Dad came to my rescue. Mum made some flour and water paste to which we added little pieces of newspaper and I built up the mainland, leaving indentations for the main rivers and lakes. Aunt Ethel brought me a set of paints so each county could be of a different colour. Night after night, I worked with Cliff’s help. The names of the counties were glued on and I used toothpicks to place the names of the shire towns. Finally my masterpiece was finished and ready to be taken to the kitchen for a final inspection.

By the look on Mum’s face, I knew I had down something wrong.

She pointed to Carleton County and asked, “Where did you get that name for the shiretown of Carleton County?”

I was close to tears as I mumbled, “I overheard  Gramp tell Dad, he was going to get some seed potatoes shipped down from Spudville, up in Carleton County.”  “Since lots of potatoes grow in that county, I didn’t bother to look in the book. I just figured the shiretown would be called Spudville.”

Although to many, Carleton County is known for its crop of potatoes, the folk doing genealogy will think of it as having almost as many facts and links on the Carleton County GenWeb site at as there would be barrels of potatoes in the potato house.

These are some of the things you will find or there will be links to:

    * The Founding of Woodstock by W.O. Raymond - contributed by John J. Noble
    * The Loyalists and their First New Brunswick Winter - contributed by John J. Noble
    * The Birth of Carleton County
    * Place Names of Carleton County
    * Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life
    * Short History of the Orser Family
    * Mayors of Woodstock, 1856-present
    * Carleton County Family Trees
    * Obituaries
    * 1830 Census of Madawaska
    * 1851 New Brunswick Census, Victoria County
    * Transcription of escheated land in York County in 1818
    * Captain Jacob Smith - Founder of Woodstock
    * Hon. Charles Connell, MP.
    * Index to Woodstock Journal 1856 to1861
    * Index to the Carleton Sentinel newspaper 1867 to 1870
    * Index to the Dispatch newspaper 1910
    * Index to certain issues of the Woodstock Press newspaper
    * Cemetery Records - Many with pictures of the tombstones
    * Photos of churches, homes, schools and much more
    * Drawings of John Campbell of Historical Homes, Schools, Businesses, Flood etc.
    * Collection of Old Newspaper Articles - Courtesy of the Bugle
    * Woodstock - First Nation's History
    * Carleton County Men Who Served in World War I & II
    * Bounty for Raising Bread Corn on New Lands, 1817 - 1821
    * Old Medical Terminology
    * Carleton County Death Records
    * Carleton County Colloquialisms
    * Carleton County Vocational School - Graduating Classes

By the way, Carleton County is located in western New Brunswick adjoining the State of Maine and is partitioned by the Saint John River. The county was established from York County in 1832. Until 1850, Carleton County covered the area of the present day counties of Carleton, Victoria and Madawaska.

Lezlie Carson maintains the Carleton County GenWeb site and welcomes family photos, family histories, old family letters, Bible records etc. Her e-mail address is

You will learn lots more about Carleton County and the people who lived there, when you pay a visit to  To make your search easier they have a search engine that will search the entire site.

Query 1310
Kierstead Family Reunion (K5K) will take place Aug 6, 2005 at the Millstream Scenic View Golf Course and Camp Ground, Route 880, Millstream, New Brunswick. Deadline for registration is May 31, 2005. Contact:
17 Swanton Street
Saint John, NB
E2J 3J7.
E-mail Telephone 506-696-6563.

Query 1311
Sloan - Duffy - Hennessey - Holmes: Henry Sloan of Kilkeel, County Down, Ireland came to Saint John in 1834 on the “Cupid”. He married in1840 to Louisa Duffy who came in 1834 on the “Orient”. They lived in Simonds Parish, Saint John County, probably on the Gardners Creek Road. The family moved to the States, Boston area, about 1861. Their son John Sloan, born 1841 in Saint John, married in Boston in 1866 to Ellen Hennessey, born in Saint John, the daughter of Patrick Hennessey and Margaret (possibly Powers or Holmes). A son, John Sloan, was born to
John Sloan and Ellen Hennessey  in 1880 in New Brunswick. They went back to New York and were  enumerated  for  the 1880  census with newborn John and  their other children. Catherine Sloan also came in 1834 on the “Cupid” with her husband Peter Cunningham. After his death she married on 7 July 1841 to Captain William Sloan and they too lived on the Gardners Creek Road. Does anyone have information on these families?
5110 Flower Ridge Court
Katy, Texas
77494, USA

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