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A History of Trinity Church,

Sussex, New Brunswick

fter the church service, the men gathered in a huddle at the side of the
building. Using their felt hats to block the sun, they all looked up to study
the condition of the roof and steeple. They were in agreement that repair work
was needed, but money seemed to be a problem. One of the fellows suggested the
ladies be asked for their ideas and help on a money raising project.

In the early 1900s, the ladies of the Sewing Circle of Trinity Church in Sussex
were able to raise $1700.00 to help purchase a new pipe organ by going to the
Exhibition in Saint John and serving breakfasts, dinners and suppers for the
week at 35 cents a plate. The women who were unable to leave Sussex, prepared
the food. Enough doughnuts were made each day to fill a barrel and placed on
the Milk Train that left at 7:00 a.m. In Saint John, the food was taken by
horse and wagon from Union Station to the Exhibition grounds.

This is one of the interesting stories included in "A History of Trinity
Church, Sussex, N. B. and its Rectors 1792-1974" that was prepared in
celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the consecration of the present Trinity
Church in Sussex on 24 February 1874.

The church at Sussexvale, now called Sussex Corner, was commenced under the
direction of the Rev. Oliver Arnold and completed in July of 1805 with a
capacity to seat 400 to 450 persons.. Oliver Arnold, the eldest child of Dr.
Nathan Arnold and his wife Prudence, was born at Mansfield in the state of
Connecticut on 15 Oct.1755. He graduated from Yale College in 1766 and arrived
in Saint John with the Loyalists of 1783. In 1786, he married Charlotte

Their son, the Rev. Horatio Nelson Arnold was the second rector. All his
travelling was done by horseback.

Next came the Rev. Thomas McGhee, who was born at Cambridge, England. During
his term the church at Waterford was built.

Information is given in the book on the other eight rectors - Rev. Charles P.
Bliss, Rev. Charles S. Medley, Rev. Henry W. Little, Rev. Scovil Neales, whose
sermons were only ten minutes in length, Rev. M. C. Shewen, Rev. L. M.
Pepperdene, Rev. H. J. Hoyt, Rev. R. E. Farnham and Rev. F. H. Hazen with the
improvements that were made under their leadership.

The Appendix lists the eight baptisms and eleven marriages that took place in
1874 and the Memorials presented to the church since 1874.

"A History of Trinity Church, Sussex, N. B. and its Rectors 1792-1974" is
available for viewing at the Saint John Free Public Library and the Sussex
Library. Copies can be purchased for $5.00 including postage, from Trinity
Church, 853 Main Street, Sussex, NB, E4E 2M9. Telephone 506 433-3444.

Query 1336
Byrne - Hingston: My great grandfather, John Byrne, son of John Byrne and Mary
H. Hingston, was born at St Andrews, New Brunswick about 1841. I have also
found John Byrne Sr. and his wife Mary H. with daughter Mary E. in Robbinston,
Maine in 1880 and another Byrne family headed by Julia, a widow. There is a
William Hingston listed as having received a Land Grant in Parr Town (Saint
John) 1784/85. As a New Zealander who has never visited the New Brunswick -
Maine area, I would be grateful to anyone who would care to correspond with me
in respect of my research.
Wellington, New Zealand

Query 1337
Sinclair: Looking for information on the Sinclair family from Boneyclassagh in
Townlands of Antrim, Barony of Dunluce, Parish of Ballyrashane, Northern
Ireland. John Sinclair of Ballymagarry married and had three sons and a
daughter. Finlay Sinclair married Catherine Martin, his full cousin, and
settled on the Shepody Road, Westmorland County in 1820 and later moved to
Sinclair Hill in Albert County. John and James Sinclair both emigrated to
America. Lisabel Sinclair married her full cousin, Patrick Sinclair. Daniel
Sinclair died in Ireland and his
son Charles came to Albert County with his uncle William.
193 Cranston Ave.
Saint John, NB
Canada, E2K 3N3

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