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It was still dark outside when the sound of the agitator in the wringer washer thumping back and forth woke me. I thought this strange as Mum usually never washed on a Saturday.

When I came into the kitchen, there were bunches of clothes- sorted by colour - on the floor, surrounding the washer. Mum was putting a load of whites through the wringer and letting them drop into the Beatty tub in preparation to be rinsed

Since the rain had been coming down in buckets for days and days, the laundry had piled up. So this was a day to catch up and fill the lines with clothes and watch them blow in the wind.

The queries have been piling up so in today’s column, I’ll be putting them out for you to see.

Query 1358
Mills: Seeking information on Joseph Robert Mills, who was born circa 1836 and emigrated to  New  Zealand in the 1850s.  He stated  he was a  native of  St Johns, New Brunswick.
4  Trinity  Place
Paraparaumu Beach   
Kapiti, Wellington
New  Zealand

Query 1359
MacLaren:  Daniel P. MacLaren, druggist, died in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1874 at age 42.  He and his wife, Elizabeth Fergusson, are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton. I would like to find Daniel's date of birth, place of birth and the names of his parents.
137 King Street
Groveland, MA
01834, USA

Query 1360
Lewis - Peters:  The School Days Museum, Fredericton, is planning to focus during the summer of 2006 on three individuals who made a difference in education in New Brunswick. One of the three is the late Martha Hamm Peters, nee Lewis. Born in Westmorland County and married to Alexander Peters, she died in Saint John in 1892 at the age of 61. The first woman to attend the Provincial Normal School, then located in Saint John, she was at first denied admission to that institution but was admitted in 1849 following the intervention of the Lieutenant-Governor of the day. The Museum would like to hear about her from any of her descendants and would especially appreciate a picture or sketch of her from which a copy could be made to display there.
P.O. Box 752, Fredericton
NB, Canada,  E3B 5R6

Query 1361
Dee - Youmans: Looking for information on Nicholas Dee, born about 1798, Waterford County, Ireland.  He married Rebecca Youmans in 1821 in Hampton, New Brunswick.  They had 8 children - Phoebe, Mary, Richard, Nicholas, William, Catherine, Hannah and maybe a Margaret.  The family lived in the Richibucto area in the early 1830's, Fort Fairfield, Maine in the late 1830's, the Campbellton Flatlands about 1850 and finally in Limestone Siding, Victoria County, New Brunswick in the 1860's.  Would like to know when and where Nicholas and Rebecca died.  Is Eli Youmans Rebecca's father?  Who are Nicholas Dee's parents, brothers and sisters?
135 High St.
Hartland, NB
Canada, E7P 2L5

Query 1362
Herrington - Nowlan - McAllister: I seek information on the parents and siblings of James Herrington (1789 - 1862), his wife Mary Nowlan, who was born in 1813 and of William McAllister born in 1792 in Ireland and his wife Sarah.
225 Raymond Road
St. Thomas, NB
Canada, E7P 2X2

Query 1363
Bryson: Michael and Nancy Bryson came to New Brunswick in June of 1829 aboard "The Anne" from Londonderry, settling in Bairdsville. There is a James Bryson who came to New Brunswick from Ireland in 1819 and petitioned for land in 1823, eventually getting land in June 1829.  Was James related to Michael Bryson? Was he in the military?  Is there any way to learn where Michael and James were from specifically in Ireland?  
2703 Mayfair Av N
Seattle, WA
98109, USA 

Query 1364
Kenny - MacFadden - McInnis: Charles Kenny, possibly a sea captain, of Saint John, and Hannah MacFadden had a daughter Margaret who married John Colin McInnis in 1886 in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Can anyone provide me with information concerning the parents, siblings and descendants of Charles and Hannah?
1023 Friars Court,
Oakville, ON 
Canada, L6M 5C6

Query 1365
Jones - Murphy - Boone: I am searching for the place and date of burial for John Jones (born circa 1809), Nancy Murphy Jones (born circa 1817), Joshua Logan Jones (born 1845) and Mary Ann Boone Jones (born circa 1846).  All of Wicklow Parish, Carleton County.
#1, 6378 South St.
Halifax, NS
Canada, B3H 1T9

Pearson -Coates: My grandfather, Henry William Pearson, came to Canada from Birmingham, England, in 1914, to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Henry had a sister married to a Richard Coates in Fredericton, N.B. at 641 George St., in 1914. Searching for the descendents of Richard Coates and my Great Aunt Pearson, first name unknown.  She was born in Birmingham, England circa 1877.  When did she come to Canada? Did she and Richard have a family?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
476 Pearsonville Road
Pearsonville, N.B.
Canada, E5P1S6

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