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We didn’t know it at the time but Cliff and I had our own “Discovery Channel” long before television arrived. One special program was watching the chipmunks who ran with their tails straight up in the air.

For months during the summer and fall, their cheek pouches were used to carry home the groceries of seeds to store in the ground tunnels for the winter. In the spring, any uneaten buried seeds would often start to grow.

During the past few months, I have been squirreling away queries. I hope by publishing them today, they will be food for the winter family tree project or help someone’s family tree start to grow in the spring.

Query 1370
Selleck - Smith: Looking for any death notice, obituary, gravestone inscription for
Debby Ann (Selleck) Smith, who lived in Maugerville in the late 18th century and early 19th century, that would give her age, date of birth, or parents' names. Probate records name her husband as Robert Smith and one of the witnesses to her will as Ichabod Smith.
198 Patricia Drive
Abington, MA
02351, USA

Query 1371
Brentnall - Wilson: John M. L. Brentnall and Samuel Brentnall emigrated to New Brunswick from Nottinghamshire in 1841. John married Sarah Wilson, a widow, who had one daughter, Meriah. Sarah and John’s children were, William, John, Robert, George, Caroline and Sarah. I would like to correspond with others researching the  Brantnall - Brentnall - Brintnall name.
507-250 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON
Canada,  M5R 1J8

Query 1372
Underhill - Balch: Information needed on Nathaniel Underhill, a loyalist, who settled in New Brunswick after the war. His wife was Abigail Balch..
1822 SW 18th Ave. #7
Portland, OR,
97201, USA
Query 1373
Russell: John Russell, born in 1812 in New Brunswick, settled in Linneus, Maine during the 1830’s.  He and wife Margaret had several children, including Thomas Russell with a  twin named Lucinda. What is the relationship to George Russell (born 1814) with a wife Catherine who lived next door in the 1850 census. There was also  Jacob M. Russell with young children, who shows up in Amity, Maine (near Linneus) in the 1840 census. Need help in locating New Brunswick connections.
17908 123rd Court SE
Renton, WA
98058, USA

Query 1374
Little - Fowler: William Bell Little (1798 - 1862), a doctor,  married Mary Anne Fowler, and settled in Cambridge, Queens County, New Brunswick.  They had 12 children. Looking to connect with anyone who has researched this family tree.
20 Jessica Street
Richibucto Road
NB, E3A 6S4                   

Query 1375
Bond - Coram - Fairchild: Who were the parents and siblings of Ann Bond, who on 4 Feb. 1846 married George Coram, the son of Joseph Coram and Mary Ann Fairchild? I would also like to find the date and place of her death and burial. In the 1871 census she was living in Canning Parish, Queens County.
3616 Beech Run Lane
Mechanicsburg, PA
17050, USA

Query 1376
Urquhart - McNabb - Gover - McLay:  Florence Sarah May Urquhart was born in Nashwaark, New Brunswick, 05 March 1892, the daughter of Alexander Urquhart (son of Daniel Urquhart and Christina McNabb) and Annie Gover, (daughter of Alfred Gover and Sarah McLay). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
24 Garfield Ave
Brewer, ME
04412, USA

Query 1377
Cripps - Downing: Who were the parents of Elizabeth (Liza) Cripps, born circa 1845 in New Brunswick? She married circa 1870 to William Downing.
17613 Bridgeway Circle
Chesterfield, MO
63005, USA

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