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The Young Emigrants and Craigs of Magaguadavic

As Cliff and I made our way home, we kept chasing our shadow and chanting lines from a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, that we had memorized in class.  “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, and what can be the use of him is more than I can see. He is very, very like me, from the heels up to my head.”

Calvin Craig spent several years chasing the shadow of the first Craig to settle along the Magaguadavic River,  Pvt. John CRAIG, who had served as a loyalist in the Royal Highland Emigrants under command of Lt. Col. John Small. Thus it was fitting, Calvin chose to place on the cover of his publication, “The Young Emigrants and Craigs of the Magaguadavic”, the image of a kilted highlander with his shadow falling over a map of the land Pvt. John CRAIG was granted.

The first part of the book is the story of the 84th Regiment of Foot, “Royal Highland Emigrants”, their hardships, accomplishments, disappointments and victories, and how they proudly maintained the British Military tradition with dedicated Scottish tenacity. Their values helped shape the early settlement of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and Ontario, and as Loyalists assured the continuance of the slogan “For King and Country”. They helped ensure the security and safety for those who wished to live under the British Crown in North America. Following the American War of Independence, many of these kilted ex-soldiers became settlers, farmers, lumbermen and fishermen.

The second part of the book deals with the Craigs, who along with many others, settled in rugged terrain and amidst harsh conditions along the Magaguadavic River in southern New Brunswick, creating the communities of St. George, Bonny River and Second Falls.

John Craig and his wife Sarah were probably pleased with their land grant which had a good spring for water, soil that was sandy loam and was free of rocks plus rich interval land. In 1802, a son, who they named John Smith Craig was born to them, followed by Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah and Lydia. Sarah died as a young woman in 1825 followed by the death of John in 1833.

John Smith Craig married Jemina Bell Ash in 1835, whose family was originally from the Pembroke area of Maine. Upon his death in 1866, he was survived by his wife, eleven children and two grandchildren.

Joseph Craig married, in 1837, Elizabeth Mingo, of Red Beach, Maine, the daughter of Sea Captain George Mingo, and Polly Langille, of Nova Scotia. They became the parents of ten children.

Elizabeth, Sarah and Lydia’s children bore the surnames of Wingarn, Moreland and Williams.

Fifty-four pages of the publication hold detailed information on seven generations of descendants of John and Sarah Craig.

Calvin L. Craig is one of the sixth generation to live on the original 1797 Craig Land Grant under the shadow of the kilted forefather. His 2005,  251 page compilation of “The Young Emigrants and Craigs of Magaguadavic” provides detailed information on many of the descendants of the past and present.

The book can be viewed at several libraries and museums. It can be purchased from C. L. Craig, 1104 Rte. 770, Bonny River, NB., Canada, E5C 1E1. Phone 506-755-6800. Email Cost including postage is $20.00


Query 1378
Freeze - Gillies - Price - McCready - Guiou: Martha Jane Freeze, born 14 February 1858, daughter of George Allen Freeze and Almina McCready of Belleisle Creek, Springfield Parish, Kings Co., New Brunswick married on 11 October 1877 to Lemuel Gillies, a son of Jacob Gillies and Susannah Guiou, of Springfield Parish. Lemuel died in 1890 leaving Martha Jane with two sons, George Freeze and Almon McCready Gillies. On 18 May 1893, Martha Jane married Brunswick Price of Springfield Parish. She died in 1934, he in 1938. Searching for pictures of Martha Jane.
476 Pearsonville Road
Pearsonville, N.B.
Canada, E5P1S6
Telephone 506-433-3569

Query 1379
Hill: Seeking information on Stillman Hill, born 1874 in New Brunswick, Canada..
15285 Charmeran Ave
San Jose, CA
95124, USA

Query 1380
Doherty - Lordly - Palmer - Slocum - Lyman: Emma Ayling Doherty, daughter of John Henry Doherty and Eliza Ann Lyman, married Oliver A. Lordly. Their children were Murial Wenonah (1894) and Kenneth Ayling (1897). Murial Wenonah Lordly married Otty Laurence Slocum in Saint John on 8 March 1916. Also, can anyone provide information on John Henry Doherty born 1828 in Donegal, Ireland and died at age 85 in 1913 in South Bay, New Brunswick and his siblings who may have been brought up by the Palmer family of Queens County.
19 Beach Road
Ocean City, New Jersey
08226, USA

Query 1381
Currie: William Currie may have come from Wooler, Northumberland, England in 1836 to Stanley, New Brunswick. He died in 1872. I seek the name of the ship he came on and his
place of birth.
14 Gables Court
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2C 4H2

Query 1382
Wallace - Day - O’Dea - Flynn: William Wallace and Elizabeth Day / O'Dea married 5 November 1871, in possibly Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Elizabeth's parents were Timothy Day / O'Dea and Mary Flynn from County Clare, Ireland, who married in Boston, Mssachusetts circa 1842. Would like information on parents, siblings or other relatives for all families.
A3 Grandview Drive
South Burlington, VT
05403, USA

Query 1383
Bremner - Wolhaupter:  Catherine Phoebe Bremner was the widow of Benjamin Wolhaupter who was the Sheriff of York County in New Brunswick. Need information on his siblings and ancestors.
3313 - 42nd Avenue,
Red Deer, AB
Canada,  T4N 2Y7
Fax: (403) 358 3610

Query 1384
Williams: Reuben and Mary Williams, Loyalists, came to Parrtown in 1783. Reunen was from Westchester Co., New York and was a member of Col. Delancy's Regiment of Voluntary Cavalry under Major Berrymore. He lost his right hand by cannon fire. He died in Gagetown after 1805. His son William was born circa 1783 in Parrtown (Saint John). Looking for dates of death andtombstones of Reuben and Mary; also record of birth of son William and other children who may have been Tammy and Reuben.
1728 Naudain St.
Phila., Pa.
19146, USA

Query 1385
Allaby - Carson: I am seeking information and photos of Alan and Hannah Sophia (Allaby) Carson and their children who lived in the Salt Springs area of Kings County, New Brunswick in  the early 1900s.
6 Raynes Lane
Summerville, NB,
E5S 1V1

Query 1386
Fowler - Trueman. Seeking information on a Ladies Seminary in Saint John in 1850s headed by William L. Trueman and wife Caroline. They formerly had a school in Sackville area that my (elusive) great- great-grandmother Maria Fowler attended.
PO Box 53
Creamery, PA
19430, USA

Query 1387
Churchill - Rider - Wilkins: Jerusha Churchill, daughter of Nathaniel Churchill and Betsy Rider married Wilkins (First name unknown).  They had Bonita (1804), John (1806), Susan (1808) and Lucinda (1810). I would like to get information on Mr. Wilkins who possibly came from Fredericton.
#193   53222  RR  272 
Spruce Grove, AB 
Canada, T7X 3N7     
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