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It really wasn’t a New Year’s Eve party but to us this was going to be a very special evening. We could stay up to hear the kitchen clock strike twelve and most important of all, eat lots of sweets. Mum had placed a big pan of brown sugar fudge in the outside pantry, as well as one of divinity fudge. There were tins of honey bars, raisin squares, fruit cake and other goodies left over from Christmas. Cliff said he saw two big bottles of orange pop in the cupboard.

I wished the adults would forget about discussing their resolutions for the new year and get started on the eating.

Gram’s resolution, “I am not going to get bored during the long winter evening as I resolve to crochet a bedspread and piece two quilts” did not sound very exciting to me.

There is no need for any family researcher with access to the internet to find the evenings or winter days long and boring, as one can spend many hours searching the 1,344,442 records on line at the website of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick at

    - Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847 -1955 has 216,267 records. The Vital Statistics Act of 1887 required that all marriages be registered with the registrar and/or deputy-registrars of Vital Statistics and filed for public consultation. Although this process began in 1888, a few marriages dating as far back as 1882 were included. Previously, between 1812 and 1887, marriages were registered within each county.

    -  Index to Late Registration of Births covers the years 1810 -1909 with 75,000 records. These are the records where the applicant needed to provide proof of birth.  I refer to them as the “Excuse for Being Born”.

    - The Index to County Birth Registers 1800 -1902 and of the Index to Provincial Registrations of Births 1898 -1910 have about 146,000 records.

Birth records give the date of birth and usually the name of the father and the maiden name of the mother.

    - 179,322 entries can be found in Index to Death Certificates 1920 -1955    

PANB has combined the entries of Births, Marriages and Deaths so that a Vital Statistics search engine will search them all. Search

    -  Index to Marriage Bonds 1810-1932 will often provide the key to a missing fact. The bonds were issued when banns were not read in the churches or when the clergyman did not know both of the parties, guaranteed a payment of £500 from the would-be-groom or his co-signer if the proposed marriage did not take place. The bonds are especially valuable to genealogists, since they provide the names and residences of the proposed groom-to-be and the co-signer(s) in addition to that of the bride-to-be.  Search 
    - Index to Saint John Burial Permits, 1889-1919. Burial permits were issued under an order of the Board of Health for the City of Saint John to enable the Board to determine the cause of death and the possible presence of contagious diseases. Infectious and/or contagious diseases, such as smallpox, scarlet fever, diphtheria, cholera, and typhus could reach epidemic proportions quickly if not detected early. The burial permits were filed with the clerk of the local Board of Health. It seems that this practice was begun in 1889 and discontinued at the end of 1919. This index includes the name of the deceased, age, the date of death, place of birth, burial permit reference, and the microfilm F-number whereon the permit may be viewed. Search

Other records include:

    - Old Soldiers Records of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Widows              
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    - Index to Land Petitions: Original Series 1783-1918      
     - Index to Death Registration of Soldiers, 1941-1947
     - Index to Registers of Letters Patent, 1885-1976     
    - Port Returns [including Passenger Lists], 1816-1838   
    - Index to Justice of the Peace Appointment Register, 1863-1963    
     - Index to Petitions for Teachers' Licences & Payment 1812-1882  
    - Index to New Brunswick Land Grants, 1784-1997     
     - Irish Famine  Migration to New Brunswick 1845 - 1852  
     - Hutchinson   Directories for 1865 - 1868     
    - Lovell Directory 1871 
    - Guide to Family Histories     
    - Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Cemeteries     
    - New Brunswick Cemeteries   
    - Newspaper Directory     
    - Historical Images      Search

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    - New Brunswick at War      Visit
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    - Royal Visits to New Brunswick 
    - Canoeing on the River      Visit

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The information on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website at  could be the help you need to break down one of your genealogical brick walls in 2006.

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Query 1403
Alward - Hallett - McLean - Price: I am seeking information on Ada A. Alward who died in Somerville, Massachusetts on 8 April 1907. Her Record of Death indicates she was born in Havelock, New Brunswick, the daughter of Daniel Alward and Margaret Hallett. Ada's date of birth is circa 1875. Ada's Record of Death also indicates her husband was Sidney A. McLean who also was born in Havelock. Prior information I've found on Sidney indicates he was born on 15 December 1857, the son of Hector McLean and Hephzibah Price. Sidney's Death Certificate lists his age as 84 years in 1938. Adding to the confusion, the Death Certificate lists his parents as John McLean and Effie Price and Sidney's place of birth as Lubec, Maine.
Robert B. Ramsey
129 Main Street
Lisbon Falls, ME 
04252, USA

Query 1404
Woollan - Bonnell: Benjamin Woollan was born circa 1857 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His sisters- Annie Woollan born about 1856 in New Brunswick, Florence Woollan born 1859 and Helen Woollan was born in Manchester, Saint John. Their parents were Benjamin Woollan Sr. born Horsham, England and Annie Bonnell possibly born in New Brunswick. They were all back in England by 1861 where another girl Isabel was born. I have found them all listed on several census sites here in the UK but can find no trace prior to 1861. The Death Certificate for Benjamin Jr. states his place of birth as Saint John, New Brunswick. Does anyone have information on this family?
57 Archers Rd.
Eastleigh, Hampshire
S050 9AZ, UK

Query 1405
Burns - Day: Thomas Burns and Emma Day both of Hatfield Point, Springfield Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick married 24 December 1885. Need information about their parents and siblings.  The parents of Emma Day were possibly Henry Day, Parish of Wickham, Queens County and Cecilia Jones, Kars, Kings County. Any information about the families would be appreciated.  
23/19 Oakleigh Drive
Erskine, Western Australia 6210 

Query 1406
Rolston - Pickle: Harriet (Pickle) Rolston is on the 1881 census, Ward 2, Portland, Saint John, age 53, with 4 children. Unfortunately, there is no husband listed.  I believe her husband was Galbraith Rolston. The 1871 Lovell Directory has him living in Round Hill, Greenwich Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick.  According to the Saint John Burial Permit Record, Harriett was 91 at the time of her death in 1914. Does anyone have any information about this family?
1198 N. 9th E.
Mountain Home, ID
83647, USA

Query 1407
Cushing: I would like to make contact with Gerald H. Cushing concerning his 1979 reprint of  “The Genealogy of the Cushing Family”.
19931 Durham Ct.
Saratoga, CA
95070, USA

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