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Annual Report of the Schools of New Brunswick

We liked going to Gram’s after school as Aunt Sadie always made certain to have some freshly baked treats with lots of frosting waiting on the kitchen table. But today, things were different. A lady, in a blue satin dress and a fancy hat, was sitting in the parlour talking to Mum and Gram, while Aunt Sadie was busy in the pantry preparing a lunch for her.

Before Mum even finished introducing her, as a former teacher in the community, she started questioning me on how well I was doing in school and if I made a 100 per cent on Arithmetic. She went on to say that the years would quickly slip by and before I knew it, the provincial Matriculation Exams would be facing me and that I should strive to be among the top students.

When I asked her if she had made top marks in school, a dead silence fell over the room. By the look of embarrassment on Mum’s face, I knew that when we got home, I would be receiving a lecture on being respectful to adults.

From the Annual Report of the Schools of New Brunswick by the Chief Superintendent of Education for 1921 - 1922 which was published in1923, the top student of the Matriculation exam for 1922 was Fred Forbes of Sussex Grammar School

There are lots of interesting facts in the 1923 Annual Report. To name a few:

In 1922, Herbert Harrison Trimble of Hampton tied for first place in the examination for Grammar School at Normal School. Bertha Eugenie Goulette of Nash Creek came first in the First Class examination followed in second place by Leah Margaret Frost of Hampton Station.

A very interesting section gives in alphabetical order the Teachers’ Licenses awarded.

Student Teachers at Normal School were given an  allowance of mileage at three cents a mile for travelling expenses. In 1922, Harris C. Harper of Westmorland County received $13.08, Irving W. McFarland of Kings County $8.76, Grace E. Calder of Restigouche County $13.26, Helen Kilfoil of Victoria County $5.40, Emma E. McKee of St. John County $ 4.20, Audrey M. Lackie of Kings County $6.48 and Estelle Dugas of Gloucester County $12.00.

The average salary in 1911 for a First Class Male teacher was $677.26. By 1921, it had been increased to $1524.68. A First Class Female teacher received $402.38 which was increased to $965.46. A Third Class Female teacher received a yearly salary of $228.99.

The report of the Trustees for Saint John names the staff at the twenty-two schools and the orphanages, including salary and class of License.

The comments in the reports by Inspectors give an insight into some of the obstacles that were in the path of learning, the steps taken to improve the situation and personal information on the teachers. For example: The schoolhouse at Bay du Vin River is too small, the seating capacity being less than the enrollment. Miss Caulie McInerney had to resign as principal of the Rexton Superior School due to ill health. The inspector gave a glowing account of her achievements. Pokiok School received new hardwood floor and outside painting.

The “Annual Reports of the Schools of New Brunswick by the Chief Superintendent of Education” are available for viewing at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick and at the New Brunswick Legislative Library. Several educational records from 1869 through to the1980s can be found at the Saint John Free Public Library.

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Conwell - Donahoe: John Conwell and Susan Donahoe were married in Saint John, New Brunswick 12 Sep 1854. They had five children Mary Ann 1855, Daniel 1856, Edward 1860, Susanna 1863 and John 1864. I am interested in finding the names of John's siblings and parents and where he was born as well as where and when he died.
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Fowlie - Kierstead - Holmes - Kennedy: William Fowlie and Bethia Kierstead were married 30 May 1822 at Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick. Witnesses at the wedding were David Kierstead and George Holmes. His second marriage was to Mathilda Kennedy on 3 Feb. 1841. I am interested in finding the names of William’s parents, his siblings, his date and place of death.
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