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Nashwaak Families

I couldn’t figure out the reason for Gramp and Dad building a bonfire on the sandbar by the brook. It was too late in the season to be burning grass and too early to be thinking of roasting wieners.

Mum really added to our bewilderment when she asked us to take the black cast iron frying pans and griddles down to where the fire was burning. Although this was housecleaning days, Mum was not one to throw anything away.

Things became more confusing when Dad placed the pans in the middle of the fire. When they turned red, Gramp put on heavy leather gloves and with a long poker pulled them out. He waited a few minutes, took the largest frying pan, kept turning it, while rubbing with dry beach gravel. When it cooled, he covered it with lard.

After the treatment was done to each one, we were sure surprised at the results. Mum now had “like new” grey cast iron cookware.

I wonder if the Sutherland children on the Nashwaak watched the cleaning and curing of the cast iron cooking utensils? Their father John Sutherland was born in White Chapel, England, served in the 42nd Highland Regiment during the American Revolutionary War and in 1783 landed in Saint John with the disbanded regiment. He received land in the Dugald Campbell grant on the Nashwaak River and died there in 1822. His wife was Abigail Sewell, daughter of Dominicus Sewell and Sarah Thorndike of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. In 1838 she applied to the Old Soldiers’ Pension for relief as she was 63 years old and very infirm and unable to support herself. Her son had died the previous Fall and the only son living had a family of his own to support.

There are more details on the Sutherlands in the publication “1785 - 1985 Nashwaak Families” that was published in the 1980's by the Nashwaak Bicentennial Association. In fact, the 219 page book is filled with biographical information on the many families who called this area “home”.

Solomon Whitlock was born at Danbury, Connecticut and served with the New Jersey Volunteers. He settled at Penniac. His second wife was Mary Horton, the widow of John Horton.

Charles Galen was born in Ireland. He was married in 1846 to Sataria Jane, the daughter of James McNeil and Jane Sullivan. Their son, Charles Jr. married Ann Sweeney.

Marven Dunphy and family moved to the Nashwaak area in 1877 on land formerly owned by William Manzer.

Angus MacBean was born in Inverness, Scotland. His wife was Mary Church. One of his sons married Isobel MacLaggan, the daughter of Margaret and Cpl. Peter MacLaggan.

James Robert Somerville, son of John Somerville and Elizabeth Thompson was born in Musquash. In 1871, he married Mary Elizabeth Carrigan. They settled in Zionville.

Rev. John Magee, a Baptist Minister, chose Elizabeth Peters as his wife.

The eight pages of photos, give faces to the early settlers.

If you have roots to the Nashwaak, the “1785-1885 Nashwaak Families” book is an excellent starting point. It is available at several libraries in New Brunswick.

Hampton - Upham - St. Martins Railway: I am seeking information on the Hampton - Upham - St. Martins Railway that was commenced in 1871 and ended in 1940. I would like to have pictures of the train, trestles, crew and passengers as well as newspaper clippings with accounts of events of any nature and personal memories. Material will be copied and returned. A publication is being considered. Contact Ruby M. Cusack at

Query 1471
O’Blenis: Seeking information on John O’Blenis, Loyalist whose New York land was confiscated. He received a land grant in 1785 in New Brunswick. Also need information on his wife’s Travis line.

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Query 1473
Morton - Babbit: Samuel Morton married Miss Babbit in the Gagetown area of New Brunswick circa 1796. She may have died about 1810 and could be buried in a cemetery there.  What is the connection to Samuel Morton, son of Elkanah Morton, born Cornwallis, Nova Scotia in 1767 and died 1812 and possibly buried in the cemetery at Chipman's Corner, near Kentville, Nova Scotia?  
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Revised queries

Jones - Wheatley - Biscoe: Caleb Jones born abt. 1743 in Baltimore, MD. He married Elizabeth Wheatley on Feb. 11, 1773, in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., MD. While being a Captain in the Maryland Loyalists, he kept an "Orderly Book" which was later found and published. I would like to find a copy of this book. Only 250 were printed in 1891. He was on the ship Martha when it was shipwrecked on its way to Canada. He received 900 acres, within his regimental block at Nashwaak, York County, N.B., in 1784. In 1786, he took up farming in N.B. His children: Thomas born 1775 in Maryland and Mary Belle (my ancestor) born 1787 at St. Mary's, N.B. There are 12 years between these two children. Were there more children? Caleb died 21 Dec 1816 in St. Mary's, York, N.B.  Elizabeth died Feb. 14, 1812, in Douglas, N.B. I would like to find out where they are buried.  Caleb's parents were William Jones d. 1759 Somerset, MD and  Ann Biscoe d. 1794. If anyone knows anything about Capt. Jones and his family please contact me.
Janalee Garn, 265 Plantation Circle, Idaho Falls, ID 83404-7990, or E-mail
Green ­ - Yerxa ­ - Sisson ­ - White: Barbara Green was born in 1780 or 1781, possibly in New York. She married Abraham Yerxa on July 10, 1796, in Queensbury, York County, N.B. I descend from their son Daniel Yerxa, who was born in 1797 at Douglas, N.B. He married Hulda Sisson. Barbara may have been the daughter of Henry Green, who was the son of Elizabeth Green of Cortland Manor, N.Y. Henry Green may have had a dau. Elizabeth (Betsey), who married Jacob White, the son of loyalist Thomas White, who served in the New York Volunteers. They were granted land on Madame Keswick. Abraham Yerxa's parents, John and Catherine Yerxa, were witnesses to Thomas White's will in 1796. Henry Green was given settlement on lot 85 of the West bank of Madame Keswick in 1788. Barbara Green died Nov. 10, 1857, in Keswick, N.B. Her husband, Abraham Yerxa, died Sept.10, 1857, also in Keswick. He is buried in the Keswick Cemetery. I would like to know when and where Barbara was born, died and is buried. If anyone knows anything about Barbara Green or her parents, please contact me.  I know very little about Abraham and Barbara (Green) Yerxa's children and would like to know more.
Janalee Garn, 265 Plantation Circle, Idaho Falls, ID 83404-7990, or E-mail 

Yerxa - Miles - Pickard: Gabriel Yerxa born abt. 1829 Douglas, N.B. and Martha Pickard born abt. 1831 Douglas, married 25 Oct 1854 York Co., N.B.  They had the following children: Gabriella b. 1856, Charles E. b. abt. 1857, Phebe b. abt. 1859, Mildred b. abt. 1861, Mary b. abt. 1862, John b. 28 Jun 1868, Miles b. Mar 1869 and Attred b. 1874. I would like to know when Gabriel and Martha (Pickard) Yerxa died and where they are buried. I would like to know more about their children.  Gabriella (my ancestor) married Charles Abraham Miles b. 1846 in Stanley.  They were married 1875 in York Co., N.B. Charles A. Miles was a postmaster, teacher and accountant. I have a copy of a couple of pictures of his students and one of the girls is supposed to be Gabriella. Would anyone know which one she is? If anyone knows anything about this family, please contact me.
Janalee Garn, 265 Plantation Circle, Idaho Falls, ID 83404-7990, or E-mail 

McKeen ­ - Miles - Yerxa:
Jacob McKeen was born 5 Sep 1794 in New Brunswick, Canada.  He died 10 Aug 1787 in N.B. He married Jemima born about 1822 in N.B. She died after 1891 in N.B.  I would like to find out what Jemima's maiden name is and who her parents are.  Plus any other information on her and her family.  Jacob and Jemima McKeen had the following children: Hetty A. McKeen born 8 Nov 1823 in Douglas, N.B.  She married Elijah Miles.  Abraham McKeen b. 1823 in N.B.  He married Martha Yerxa.  William McKeen b. 1828 in N.B.  He married Nann C. ----.
Janalee Garn, 265 Plantation Circle, Idaho Falls, ID 83404-7990, or E-mail

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