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The adults in our extended family were certainly a bunch of Negative Nellies!

I thought it would be best to enjoy the autumn colours but instead here it was only September and they were worrying about getting caught up on the Fall chores before the cold weather arrived.

Speaking of getting caught up - the queries are piling up so as a result, today’s column will consist of queries only.

Query 1507
Armstrong: Eric Lionel born 1880 in Fernhill, Worcestershire, UK and his daughter Amy born 19 Jun 1905 in Maesteg, South Wales moved to Minto, New Brunswick in 1912. Amy died unmarried in Victoria, British Columbia on 24 Dec 1983.  Please contact me if you have any information.
41 Frankland Close
Bath, BA1 4EJ, England
Tel: 00441225 317610

Query 1508
Burns: John Burns lived in Pleasant Ridge, Dumbarton Parish, New Brunswick from the 1850s to 1880s. I am interested in finding more information about Pleasant Ridge and if there are any old cemeteries in the area.
32 Moulton Hill RD.
Stafford Springs, CT
06076, USA

Query 1509
Vallis - Wright - Kerr - Wright - Barlow - Whiteside - Cody: I am seeking the origin and date of entry into New Brunswick for Edward Vallis who married Janet Kerr in Saint John circa 1825. He died in 1834 and is buried in New Jerusalem. I also seek information on Martha Wright and her father Capt. William Wright who came to New Brunswick in 1783. Joseph Barlow, also came in 1783 with his father, possibly Ezekiel Barlow. Joseph married Martha Wright, and their daughter Martha married Henry Whiteside, a son of Richard Whiteside and Jane Cody.  If there is any information about Jane Cody I would be pleased to hear about it.
10301 Resthaven Drive
Sidney, BC
Canada, V8L 3H2
New and Used Genealogical and Historical books of
New Brunswick for sale.

Ruby M. Cusack is a genealogy buff living in New Brunswick, Canada. Send your New Brunswick genealogical queries to her at:  Include your name and mailing address for the benefit of the readers of the newspaper who do not have access to E-mail but could have information to share with you. Please put "Query" followed by the surnames in your query. For more information on submitting queries, visit
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